Happy Mothers Day Quotes & Sayings From Son Filled with Love

happy mother day quotes from son
happy mother day quotes from son

Mother, an extraordinary woman who takes care of us and loves unconditionally, who dedicates her time to our best and teaches us that the best thing in life is to be loved. We bring quotes and wishes from son to mother for all kinds of maternal loves that exist. An infinite love, full of love and affection to be dedicate her on mothers day 2021.

Mother’s Day Quotes From Son

  1. You gave me life, love and affection. My mother, I am forever grateful to you. Happy Mothers Day
  2. Of all the immensity of words that our language has, none of them is capable of expressing all the love that I keep for you inside me. Happy Mothers Day Mom!
  3. The years have come and now it is my turn to return all the care you have taken for me, mother. Happy Mothers Day.
  4. My mother is a warrior. Strong, capable woman who fights and learns from life. Of all the heroes in this life, she is the one I most admire. Happy Mothers Day.
  5. Mother is queen. The living proof that being perfect does not exclude defects, is to be love in the form of a person. Happy Mothers Day.
  6. I dedicate all the love within me to you, mother. Happy Mothers Day.
  7. Mother goes beyond blood. It is the daily affection. The affection that overflows from the chest. The right word at a difficult time. The certainty that she is the only one who will really be there for us at all times in our life. Happy Mothers Day.
  8. I miss you every day. The lack of being a child and making sure that you were able to face all the evils in the world. Happy Mothers Day.
  9. For me, God is a woman and has my mother’s face, features and love. Happy Mothers Day.
  10. Your voice, mother, is capable of making me calm again. Remember an incredible childhood and your smile full of love when you went to tell us that the cake was ready. Each piece of that candy was like a piece of cloud in the sky. Happy Mothers Day.
  11. On sleepless nights, I remember you. How sweetly you sang your favorite singer’s lullaby. Happy Mothers Day.
  12. Her motherly care is what I bring to every aspect of my life. Happy Mothers Day.
  13. Mother, how many compliments and memories can fit in a word so small but so immense in meaning? You are the reason why I exist and I try to be someone better every day. Happy Mothers Day.
  14. My admiration for my mother goes beyond barriers. You are my shelter, the certainty that I will always have a home to return to, no matter the difficulties that arise. Happy Mothers Day.
  15. I know we have been through difficult times. Growing up is not always easy. I went through discoveries and had my choices. Now I realize that you have always loved me, even when we encounter barriers. Your love, my mother, is my greatest victory. Happy Mothers Day.
  16. If today I fight, work and try to be a better person, it is because you taught me how to grow in life. It is my turn to repay all the sacrifice you have made for me, mother. Happy Mothers Day.
  17. Mom, I miss you. I miss your constant affection. From your hugs saying that everything is fine. Even from fights because I left my flip-flops over. But there is no distance that can erase all the love I feel for you! Happy Mothers Day.
  18. I know, mother, that I have been away for the past few days. In the middle of the daily rush, I forget to say that I love you. But I do love it. Love much. Hope you’re well. Happy Mothers Day.
  19. Mom, count on me for everything. To have coffee over the weekend, to go to the market, to pay the bills. My gratitude to you is eternal and I would do everything I can to make you happy. Happy Mothers Day.
  20. Mother, my angel, you are in my prayers and thoughts. I want for you all the happiness that the world is able to offer us and that your health remains strong. Love you! Happy Mothers Day.
  21. I love you, my mother. You are the divine gift that God has placed in my life and I have no words to describe how grateful I am for everything you have given me. Happy Mothers Day.
  22. Mother, there is no more precious figure on Earth than you. With each passing day, I realize even more what you went through to be here today and I dedicate to you everything I am and have. Thanks. Happy Mothers Day.
  23. Mom, the smell of strained coffee still reminds me of you and all the times I saw you waking up early to take care of me. Her strength is that of a warrior woman. Thanks for everything. Happy Mothers Day.
  24. Mother, today, with my son, I realize how strong you were. All the love you gave me. I hope to be able to take care of him with the tenderness and patience you created me. Our loving bond goes beyond generations. Happy Mothers Day.
  25. Mother, now I see your white hair, your skin that already shows the years that life has given you. You have never been so beautiful. Happy Mothers Day.
  26. My dear mother, you have given me another teaching: how time affects everyone. But even with his power over us, he is not able to take what is most important: love. Happy Mothers Day.
  27. Mom, I miss you. I miss the laughs and even the fights. I hope that one day you can forgive me for everything that happened. Be sure that my love for you remains intact and today I fight to make you proud of me, despite everything. Happy Mothers Day.
  28. Mother, our thoughts are different, but our hearts beat in the same way. Our love goes beyond any discussion or problem. I’m here for you no matter what happens. I love you.
  29. My mother, my beauty, my queen and my eternal admiration. Her brilliance shines with her tenderness to be a woman, her ability to deal with the world and problems and her feeling of affection is capable of curing all the cruelties that exist.
  30. My mom, thanks for everything. Being here today is the result of all your sweat. You are my greatest admiration. I love you forever.
  31. Dear mother, you are the graceful angel I have in my life, who protects me, keeps me and is always a home and refuge. Love you.
  32. I am very blessed to have a mother as wonderful as you near me. Your knowledge of life is a gift that you give me every day.
  33. Mother. My love for you is immense. Words cannot express it and no building, mountain or planet is big enough to be able to store it. Thank you for being my greatest love.
  34. Mother, you can be the best cook, best singer, most beautiful and most loving woman on this planet. You are perfection in the shape of a woman. I love you immensely.
  35. You spent sleepless nights for me. So much effort just shows me how great your motherly love is and how happy I am that you love me.
  36. Mother, today I alone prayed, here in my corner I cried. Crying I swore. I swear that starting today I will make my time, I will be closer to your feeling. My wealth, mother, is your love.
  37. Mother is the one who generates, is the one who loves. It is the one that sings lullabies and that in a hug makes fear go away.
  38. My mother, I know what you suffered for me without complaint. You would give your life for me, just to defend me. He would do anything for me, without regret.
  39. Your heart is like that. Flower that blooms every morning, source of love that is endless. God made you like this to take care of me.
  40. Hey, mom, they ask me for a photo. Look how they look at me. From the east, I kept my promise and turned the game around.

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