Quotes for a Brave and Fighting Mother

Quotes for a Brave and Fighting Mother
Quotes for a Brave and Fighting Mother

Are you looking for some Quotes for a brave and fighting mother that are useful to show you how much you love and value her? Then you will like this article, because here we bring you the most beautiful and varied selection of messages for her.


  • Quotes for a fighting mother
  • Quotes for a brave mother
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Quotes for a fighting mother

  • Mother, you have proven to be a brave and fighting woman when facing the obstacles you encounter in life.
  • In the darkest nights of my life I have missed everything, except a hug from mom.
  • Your smile is the sun that illuminates my days, my mother.
  • There is no safer place than my mother’s lap.
  • My world is complete if my mother is in it.
  • My mother is the angel that guards my path in life.
  • I am a fighting woman because I learned it from my mom.
  • The owner of all my admiration and respect is my mom.
  • My mother fights for me just as she would for treasure.
  • My mother’s bravery is the engine that drives me every morning.
  • From my mother I learned to fight for my dreams.
  • Together with my mother I make my dreams come true.
  • When I don’t have the strength to fight, my mother does it for me.
  • Only a mother fully understands the pain of a child.
  • Dear mother, today I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart.
  • A mother like mine is difficult to find.
  • Thinking of my mother, a smile is drawn on my face.

Quotes for a brave mother

  • I call my hero mom.
  • Years only increase my mother’s worth.
  • Warrior, hard-working and brave … that’s my mom.
  • There is no purer love than the one I receive from my mother.
  • My mother’s tears are gems of infinite value.
  • My childhood is a collection of beautiful memories thanks to you, mom.
  • My mother taught me that success is not easy, but neither is it impossible.
  • Mom, your heart is like a little piece of heaven.
  • Thank you mother for how brave you are when you have to fight for me.
  • Ever since I came into the world, small and defenseless, my mother has been my guardian angel.
  • With patience and love you guide me not to make mistakes.
  • How can I not love you if you are the one that life gave me?
  • I want to have my mother in this life and in those that come.
  • In my mother’s gaze is the reflection of my heart.
  • My mother sees potential in me even if others do not want to see it.
  • Beneath that breastplate is a tender and loving mother.
  • In my mother I find all the support I need to succeed.
  • When I feel like I can’t anymore, I hear my mother’s voice saying, “You are going to make it.”
  • Thank you for being my light in the midst of the storms of life.

Messages for a fighting and tireless mother

  • Life rewarded me by allowing the most struggling woman in this world to be my mother.
  • There are many mothers in the world, but I can certainly say that none like you.
  • You taught me to fight for my dreams.
  • Thanks to your example I know that there is no obstacle that prevents me from going as far as I want.
  • Mother, my greatest wish in life is for you to be eternal.
  • I fight every day to be at least half a fighter than my mother is.
  • My great example to follow in life is my mom.
  • I am the result of my mother’s constant effort.
  • Mother: synonymous with effort and dedication.
  • Dear mother, it will be impossible to erase from my mind everything you did and do for me.
  • Success in my life is due to a great woman; my mom.
  • It took me time to realize it, but today I am convinced that you are the best mother in the world.
  • All I have and am is thanks to my fighting and tireless mother.
  • My dear, my whole world is summed up in you.

Dedications for a struggling mother

  • It is not perfect, but it is the best. Who am I talking about? Of my mother.
  • Thank you mom for loving me even though I have many flaws.
  • Fear was never an obstacle for my mom.
  • Mother, I want you to know that my air is gone if one day you are not in my life.
  • How can I forget the love that my mother’s tender smile transmits to me?
  • Dear mother, thank you for giving me most of your time and energy.
  • From my mother I learned not to fear risks.
  • I fight for my dreams because my mom showed me that this is the best way to be happy.
  • My mother is like the rudder that gives direction to my life.
  • I hope I have a long life to show you how much I love you.
  • Mom, I can never pay you for everything you’ve done for me.
  • I owe no one as much in life as I do to my mom.
  • Making you happy and seeing you smile is my goal, because you, mother, deserve everything.
  • Mother, you are the most beautiful blessing that God has given me.

Words for a courageous and exemplary mother

  • I am a working and fighting woman thanks to the example of my mother.
  • There is no more struggling woman in life than my mother.
  • I am my mother’s main admirer.
  • Thank you for teaching me with your example how to earn the respect of other people.
  • Sacrificing your time and happiness for me makes you a better rocking chair of my love and respect.
  • The love that makes my heart the happiest is the one my mother feels for me.
  • I admire the dedication with which you have brought me forward.
  • I am what I am thanks to a fighting woman who educated me.
  • You are my guide on the road through life.
  • Beloved mother, there is no purer love than the one I receive from you.
  • As a child you were my teacher, as an adult my example to follow and the rest of my life my greatest blessing.

We hope you have found some words for a struggling mother that convey all the love and admiration you feel for her.