Happy Fathers Day 2021 Quotes & Messages to Write in Card

happy fathers day

Inspirational quotes and messages for your father that you can send by WhatsApp, Facebook or accompany with a fathers day card 2021.

The March 19 is the Day of the Father in Spain, Portugal and Italy; while the third Sunday of June is celebrated in other parts of the world such as the United States, Argentina, Chile, Ireland, Japan or Mexico. It is a very special date in which we can (and should) thank our parents for everything they have done for us since we came into the world.

They have given us life, they take care of us, they lift us when we fall, they are there whenever we need them … They deserve to be given a nice and different dedication, right? We know that sometimes it is somewhat difficult to find inspirational words, that’s why, we have compiled the best quotes and messages for Fathers Day 2021 .

Below, you will find never-before-seen words and quotes so you can send them to your father via WhatsApp, through social networks or accompanying a gift or a greeting card. You can also choose one of them and tell her in person! Whatever you do, we are sure you will love it. These heartwarming words will make you cry with emotion! Congratulations to all the dads in the world! We love you!

Father’s Day 2021: the best messages to your dad

Take paper and pen and write down these wishes right now. It is high time to surprise your father on his day, don’t you think?

1) I have an invincible hero… I call him ‘Dad’. Happy Father’s Day!

Because parents NEVER give up. They give everything for us (their children) without expecting absolutely nothing in return.

2) Congratulations dad! Thank you for teaching me to walk through life giving me all your affection and love.

Without his teachings and support, today you could not boast of being the person you are. Thank your father with a nice phrase like this.

3) Do you know the best thing about having you as a father? That my children will have you as a grandfather!

Because if the parents are great, the grandparents … even more!

4) Up a wave! By the coolest father!

An original and very funny quote that will undoubtedly bring a wide smile to your father.

5) Happy day Dad! You know what? You are extremely lucky to be my father because… No one loves you like I do!

Surely you will not tell him often, but we are sure that you adore your father. Father’s Day is a perfect date to remind him of it.

6) Thanks Dad. For your kisses and hugs. In the sleepless nights. For your advice. For your laughter and madness. For your great stories. For your support. For so many things … I love you!

If you make a list of all those things that you have to thank your father for sure you would never end, right? They are cool!

7) A good father is worth much more than a school with a hundred teachers. Thanks for being the best dad, congratulations!

This phrase for Father’s Day is a reality greater than a temple: the best teachings in life will be given by your dad. Never forget it!

8) The definition of hero says that he is one who performs an extraordinary and generous act of courage which involves a deliberate sacrifice of himself in order to protect and serve others. On a day like today I have something to tell you dad: Thanks for being my hero every day!

A good parent will ALWAYS fit this definition. And yours? Is he a hero?

9) I am extremely lucky … From the day I was born I have an angel by my side to take care of me. Happy day Dad!

Because parents are the best guardian angels that exist.

10) Father there is only one and like mine … NONE!

Your father is unique and for him you are the best daughter. Take advantage of these nice words to congratulate him on his day!

11) On Father’s Day I lovingly wrap the best gift in a tender envelope: A big kiss and all my love! Congratulations dad!

Because there are many material gifts for Father’s Day, but nothing better and more valuable than a good kiss and a huge hug.

12) You have tried to teach me many things throughout life, but there is one in particular that I will never forget: You have taught me to be happy! Thanks Dad!

Happiness is a feeling that we know for the first time from the hand of our parents. It is a unique teaching. Rate it!

13) I couldn’t think of a happier childhood if it hadn’t been for a father like you. I love you Papa!

Your father worked hard to make you happy and valued. Now it’s up to you to reward him.

14) Dad, you were, you are and you will ALWAYS be my prince charming. Happy day!

Our dad is the first love we know in life and the truest of all.

15) Your presence gives me security in myself to pursue my dreams. Today and every day of my life I will thank you for being by my side. Happy Father’s Day!

What would become of us without the support of a parent? That special person who drives you to achieve all your goals and objectives …

16) When I’m wrong, you help me; when I doubt, you advise me and whenever I call you you are by my side. Thanks Dad!

A good father will always, always, always be there when you need him. Don’t you have the slightest doubt!

17) The greatest asset of being the son of a poor father is that you gave me the richest kindness. Congratulations, Dad! I love you!

Because great luxuries are not necessary, the greatest gift that a father can offer is the love that his mere presence gives.

18) My refuge, my hero, my best friend and companion … May you be happy today and every day of your life, dad!

A beautiful phrase that you can send to your father by WhatsApp. Your face will light up when you see it!

19) Dad, you say you brought me into the world, but really my world is you. Congratulations!

What if you take advantage of this Father’s Day 2021 to surprise yours with a special congratulation? Your father will love that you have a detail with him!

20) You cried for me, you wiped away my tears when the world made me cry, you taught me beautiful things and now that I am an adult you are still a cornerstone for my heart to continue beating. Happy day to the best of all parents! I adore you!

Parents never stop teaching us things, they never stop being present. No matter how many years have passed, no matter how much we have grown, no matter how much distance there is between us and them …

21) For those who are, for those who left and for those who will come … Happy Father’s Day!

A very tender phrase for future parents and for those who, unfortunately, are no longer there but remain alive in our memory.

22) It is not the flesh or the blood, but the heart that makes us father and son. Congratulations!

Because parents and children have an invincible and unalterable union over time.

23) When I was born you smiled with joy, when I got married you cried with melancholy and now I just want to tell you that I love you more than my own life.

The love between father and hij @ is truly pure. How long has it been since you told your dad how much you love him ? Sending him a phrase like that in his day is a wonderful way to show him all your love.

24) The most fun and original phrases to send to your father on his day

Tired of always finding the same boring phrases and ideas for Father’s Day? That ended! We bring you a selection of unpublished quotes ideal to leave your dad with his mouth open . You can’t help but laugh out loud!

24) Here is a good hug for the coolest father: P Happy daddy day!

Forget about material gifts, give your father a good hug!

25) FATHER has only 6 letters, but in a real father those 6 letters mean 6 wonderful things: support, love, dedication, unconditional love and understanding.

A father means more than just a person who gives us life. A father is dedication, he is affection, he is tenderness, he is goodness, he is condescending … A father is EVERYTHING!

26) Dad, you are as smart as Iron Man, as strong as the Hulk, as fast as Superman, as brave as Batman. You are my favorite superhero from the world world!

Oddly enough, a parent has more powers than all the superheroes in the Marvel universe put together.

27) Congratulations dad! Not everyone can boast of having a child like me: P

A funny message that will make your father laugh out loud. Write it down!

28) Fortunately, Father’s Day is only once a year. I think I wouldn’t be able to be so gooey for more than 24 hours straight… Congratulations, Dad!

But not be too necklace Sweeth you @ and Expressive @ , on a date as the Day of the Father will touch you get all your inspiration to congratulate your dad an original way . Because he deserves it!

29) Happy Father’s Day to my in-laws, ex-in-laws and future in-laws!

A very funny phrase to add a bit of humor to Father’s Day. Take note of it!

30) There is no empire or galaxy with a father like YOU!

Because your father is the best in the world and on a day like today you should shout it out to him. Use a different phrase like this and surprise him!

31) Handsome dad, I love you so much!

Do you want to get away from the traditional? Don’t use the typical boring and monotonous phrases to congratulate your father on his day. Decide for a cooler like this! You will be amazed!

32) Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but luckily mine came with a dad … Congratulations father!

Because parents are the ones who best guide us along this path of obstacles called life.

33) For the coolest dad of all, after Darth Vader, of course.

Are you and your father absolute fans of Star Wars? Then this phrase is made for you!

34) Dad, I will always be a photographer who remembers your image. I love you!

Because no matter how many years pass and how much our parents are no longer by our side, in the depths of our hearts we will always remember them.

35) You taught me how to ride a bike, you helped me with my homework, you healed my wounds … You don’t want to pay me for the letters on the car, do you? For now I will settle for you to continue giving me your unconditional love! Congratulations, Dad!

A mischievous touch when it comes to congratulating your father is not bad, don’t you think? With this funny dedication you will not be able to contain your laughter.

Quotes from famous Authors and Personalities about the father ideal for Fathers Day

There is nothing better than to resort to those reflections that some famous characters have made about fatherhood to realize the importance of the figure of a father in the life of a person. These thoughts and phrases will make you value your father much more and you can also use them as a congratulation or dedication . He deserves it more than anyone and you know it!

36) “A father is not the one who gives life, that would be too easy, a father is the one who gives love.” (Denis Lord)

The purest and most real love we can find will always come from our father.

37) “I can’t conceive of any need as important during a person’s childhood as the need to feel protected by a parent.” (Sigmund Freud)

The father figure is essential in our lives, it is that leg that makes a table not limp, it is that beam that makes a building stand upright.

38) “A brother is a consolation, a friend is a treasure, a father is both.” (Benjamin Franklin)

A father is so powerful that he is capable of giving us all that a brother gives us and much more than a friend gives us.

39) “When a newborn baby squeezes his father’s finger for the first time, he has it trapped forever.” (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

A precious reflection by Gabriel García Márquez on the first father-son contact.

40) “My father had never been as close to me as when I thought I had lost him.” (Osvaldo Soriano)

Life can hit very hard, but we will never lack our father’s hand helping us to overcome any bump or obstacle that may arise.

41) “My father taught me that the only way you can do something good is to practice and then practice more.” (Pete Rose)

So many teachings parents leave us throughout life, right?

42) “In heaven, directly after God, comes a dad.” (Amadeus Mozart)

Because after God there is only one most powerful person in the universe: a father.

43) “By the time a man   realizes that perhaps his father was right, he already has a son of his own who thinks his father is wrong.” (Charles Wadsworth)

And now that we are adults we realize the GREAT reason our father had for the advice he gave us as children.

44) “My father gave me the greatest gift that anyone can give to another person: he believed in me.”   (Jim Valvano)

When it seems that no one encourages you to pursue your dreams, your father comes and shows you that you can go wherever you want.

45) “A man knows he is getting older because he begins to look like his father.” (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

A quote that invites us to meditate on old age and parenthood …

46) “The hero’s dream is to be big everywhere and small next to his father.” (Victor Hugo)

A father is one of the most wonderful beings that we are going to come across in our life. Let him know how much you care by dedicating a famous quote as magical as this one by Victor Hugo!

47) “As severe as a father is judging his son, he is never as severe as a son judging his father.” (Enrique Jardiel Poncela)

Sometimes your father will be hard on you and tell you truths like fists that you don’t want to hear. Trust him, he only wants the best for you, his son.

48) “There is no word or brush that expresses the love of a father.” (Mateo Alemán)

Because the love of a father is totally indescribable …

49) “No matter who was my father. The important thing is who I remember it to be ”. (Anne Sexton)

The memory of a father never dies, it always remains alive in the memory.

50) “It is nature itself that drives us to love those who have given us life.” (Marco Tulio Cicero)

It is impossible not to love a father, they have given their lives for us and now we have to give it for them.

51) “A man who does not know how to be a good father is not a real man.” (Mario Puzo)

A phrase by Mario Puzo that perfectly reflects the meaning of fatherhood.

52) “My father believed in honesty, in absolute honesty. That is the most important lesson he taught me. ”   (Steve Wozniak)

Honesty, honesty, humility, gratitude, patience, empathy … These are just some of the values ​​that parents teach us. And, therefore, we must be eternally grateful to them !

53) “Sometimes the poorest man leaves the richest inheritance to his children.” (Ruth E. Renkel)

Because the most important thing a father gives his children cannot be measured with money: love.

54) “No matter how far we go, our parents will always be with us.” (Brad Meltzer)

Not thousands and millions of kilometers away will be able to separate a father from his son.

55) “Be generous to your father; When you were young, who loved you like him? ” (Margaret Courtney)

Sometimes we are a little unfair to our parents. Father’s Day is a great time to make mistakes. Let him know how much you love him!

56) “We do not know the love of parents, until we have our own children.” (Henry Ward Beecher)

Until we ourselves experience motherhood / fatherhood we are not able to understand what it means.

Sayings that reflect the meaning of being a father

Being a parent is not just about having a child. Being a parent involves many more things that involve sacrifice and enormous effort. For this reason, on a day like Father’s Day, you should be aware of the commitment that your father has put in that you are an exceptional person. Thank you!

57) A father said to his son, “Be careful where you walk.” And the son replied: “Be careful, remember that I follow your steps.”

If your father is your example to follow, surely you will feel identified with this phrase …

58) Any man can be a father, only someone special can be a dad.

A phrase that invites us to reflect on the true meaning of parenthood.

59) Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children with the richest inheritance: love.

Once again we see the importance of love compared to the material.

60) A good father is not the one who carries his son in his arms, but the one who teaches him to walk with his own legs, tells him to uncross his arms and take action. Because every action has a reaction …

A father is one who gives us the wings to fly.

61) A father is a mirror, he is protection and he is advice… Father is love!

A father is EVERYTHING!

62) It is not difficult to be a good father, what is difficult is to be a good father.

Parenting does not come with an instruction manual and is more complicated than (we children) can imagine.

63) Being a parent is like having two hearts and understanding that the most important of them is outside your body.

YOU were, are and will be the most important thing for your father. Never forget it!

64) Being a parent is the only profession in which the title is first awarded and then the degree is completed.

Nobody is born knowing how to be a father, it is something that is learned through practice and mistakes … Your father had a hard time, but he did it (and he does it) the best he can. How about you thank him with a nice phrase? Take advantage of Father’s Day!

65) A father has the wisdom of a teacher and the sincerity of a friend.

The harshest and most beautiful truths will come from your father.

66) Father is not the one who begets, but the one who truly nurtures and loves.

Congratulations to all those parents who give everything for their children!

67) A good father is one who teaches his children how to think, not what to think.

Your father will give you the instruments you need to manage properly in life. Then you will have to learn to use these instruments well.

68) A father’s love is complete no matter how many times it is divided.

No matter how angry he is, no matter how busy he is, your father will always go out of his way for you.

69) Parents are the bones with which children sharpen their teeth.

A great and intense metaphor that perfectly defines what a father is capable of bringing to a child.

70) Having children does not make you a father, just as having a piano does not make you a pianist.

Parenthood takes sooo much more.

71) Children abandon childhood one day, but parents NEVER leave parenthood.

Being a parent is for life.

72) A good father has a bit of a mother.

A father and a mother are characterized by very different qualities, however, there is always something that unites them: love for their children.

Happy Father’s Day! Thank you messages for a parent

On Father’s Day 2021, the least we children can do is thank our parents for a lifetime of dedication. Here are some ideas for thank you messages.

73) Thanks Dad for educating me like that. I am proud to be the way I am and I owe that to you.

He has educated you and he has taught you infinite values. Appreciating it is the least you can do.

74) At work you will be replaceable, but as a parent you are irreplaceable, so be clear! Thanks for everything dad!

No one can replace the love of a father …

75) I have memories of children in which I saw you as a giant, today as an adult … I see you even bigger! THANK YOU for everything dad!

For a son, a father will always be his greatest reference. It is time for your father to know what he has meant in your life, right? Surprise him with such a message!

76) A parent is someone who supports you when you cry, who scolds you when you break the rules, who shines with pride when you succeed and who has faith in you even when you don’t. Thank you for being the best dad in the world! Happy day!

A father is an omnipresent being capable of being in any type of situation or circumstance for his children.

77) Not all kings wear a crown. And the proof of this is that you are my king even if you don’t carry it. Thank you, thank you and thank you! I love you Papa!

A beautiful phrase to dedicate to your father on Father’s Day.

78) Today I just want to tell you, father of the soul, that you are the being that I respect and admire the most in the world. Congratulations on your day!

Celebrate Father’s Day in style with a congratulation for your dad who is up to it.

79) Parents dedicate only one day a year, but they dedicate their children every day of their lives. If you are reading this, you are the best father in the world! Thanks Dad!

Being a parent is a 365-day job and there is one especially where you can thank yours: Father’s Day!

80) Father, père, Vater, isä, pare, faoir, papa… It doesn’t matter how many languages ​​I choose to tell you who is one of the most important people in my life. Thank you so much, thank you for everything you have given me.

You can tell him in English, French, Italian or German, but the important thing is that he knows that you love him madly.

81) Thanks Dad for shrinking like a dwarf to play with me and grow into a giant when I need you to protect me. Happy Father’s Day!

Because dads are capable of anything to make us happy!

82) You taught me never to collapse and to fight for my goals. You are a great example of life!

There is nothing better than a father’s shoulder when all we have is the desire to cry …

83) There are many people who blame their parents for what they did not do or what they did wrong … Today I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me, for making me who I am. THANK YOU!

Because Father’s Day is a day to leave the grudge behind and just stay with the positive.

84) A good father is one who, after a hard day at work, when he gets home, hugs his children and becomes a child playing with them. Thanks for doing it every day when I was a little dad!

As tired as they are, parents always gain strength and time to dedicate to our children.

85) Thanks for teaching me more than Google, dad. I love you!

Because Google will never be able to have as many responses as a parent can. Long live the parents!

And you? Which of these quotes for Father’s Day 2021 are you staying with? Do you have any more ideas to congratulate your dad on his day? Share it with us in the comments!