Sarcastic and Ironic Quotes

Sarcastic and Ironic Quotes
Sarcastic and Ironic Quotes

If you want to know sarcastic and ironic Quotes either out of curiosity or to send them to someone, look no further, here we give you many so that you have a collection of them.

Below you will find a set of Quotes that will serve to express in a summarized way your feelings and emotions. Get these and save them as a letter up your sleeve.


  • Short sarcastic Quotes
  • Sarcastic Quotes of love
  • Ironic Quotes for false people
  • Ironic Quotes for lying people

Short sarcastic Quotes

  • When talent speaks, mediocre people make a lot of noise.
  • Everyone has a light inside, but some suffer from short circuits.
  • People say that nobody learns by stumbling from others, it is not true, I think my feet have inherited the stumbling blocks from all over the block.
  • The poverty of the soul is like a monkey because although she dresses in silk, she remains poor.
  • I have come to believe that sinners are the first to reach mass, the problem is that mass does not reach them.
  • I have had so many disappointments that I already have a wide and complete collection.
  • Everyone says that we should not hold a grudge, while everyone is about to burst.
  • Don’t tell anyone about your projects: enemies are always on the lookout to attack even your hopes. Be quiet and act.
  • Fat people should pay double taxes, everything is double. Even the air they breathe.
  • The world is so screwed up. It is enough to see who we have chosen to govern us.
  • Goodwill in an endangered species.
  • Theories say that the human being is the most intelligent living being. There are theories that blatantly lie to us.
  • Who talks a lot recently. You just want to carry with words the emptiness left by your actions.
  • Someday we hope to find our better half. After so much searching I start to believe that I am a lemon.
  • I am feeling butterflies in my stomach. Today I left my house without breakfast.

Sarcastic Quotes of love

  • When you left me I felt that my world was falling, I felt that everything was falling apart. Now I know that the only thing that fell was your mask and my world was intact.
  • I’ll never forget you! To never make the same mistake again.
  • When I met you something told me it was going to be forever. And so it was: I will hate you forever.
  • The capacity to love is almost infinite and is only surpassed by the capacity to be disappointed. Thank you for taking me to know infinity.
  • I always knew that only one person could make me happy. The mistake was in not realizing that this only person is oneself.
  • I do not hold grudges. You are worth so little that you do not deserve to occupy even that place within me.
  • Someday you will come back to look for me and that day I will be there for you, waiting for you to close the door in your face.
  • Why mention love when we want only sex?
  • Everything would be easier if we had an alarm system in our hearts. Let him say: warning, a liar is trying to break in.
  • You always have to suspect those who post every so often on their social networks that they love someone. He who publishes much loves little.
  • An epitaph for my grave: here lies who in life gave his love and only received lies.
  • Love is a shared journey but when the company becomes a burden it is better to throw it on the road. In this case, the important thing is to arrive, even if it is alone.
  • Do not sow in other people’s land. Cultivate yourself.
  • The more I love you, the closer I get, I feel that the more I lose you.
  • For sea you also have to be brave. Sorry to say: I forgot that you are a monument to cowardice.
  • I am willing to give you everything you ask for but you don’t want to ask me for anything.
  • Everything in my heart I would give you but you fear the flowing blood.
  • Law of life: when you really love you always find reasons. When you love lies, we always find excuses. My grandmother was right.
  • The day I deleted you from my phone book, that day I will have begun to forget you.
  • He definitely loves his wife, what happens to him is that he has a huge heart that reaches him to love several more women

Ironic Quotes for false people

  • Falsehood is just around the corner. I think I built my house on a corner without knowing it.
  • False geste is like mustard grains, they are abundant but very small.
  • The lie has short legs, now I understand why it walks so slowly.
  • The truth will always be the truth. The lie is so cowardly that it is not even true to itself, it changes according to the occasion.
  • If the good guys go to heaven, where do the liars go? They go to your work and sometimes to your house. Hell does not exist.
  • Ravens gouge out those who raise them. Liars gouge out our eyes and are able to sell them on the market.
  • It is easy to distinguish between lies and truth, what is difficult is to distinguish who says one or says another.
  • Whoever cultivates envy will reap frustrations. Whoever cultivates lies will reap disappointments. Whoever cultivates solidarity will reap abundance. Whoever cultivates the truth will reap success. Fortunately, what is sown is always received.
  • Politicians are experts in an art that identifies them: the art of lying.
  • The storm resembles a lie, although for a while it lasts, in the end it always has to go.
  • How to recognize a liar? Look him in the eyes, if he avoids you the look is giving himself away.
  • Although the world is full of false people, I do not stop believing in the force of truth. We honestly are few but we are always.
  • On the way the stones are inevitable as in life the liars. The point is to learn to tread on stones and liars not even that. Set them aside with your indifference.
  • Trust is a non-renewable human resource. Once exhausted nothing and nobody can recover it.
  • In the elections, the candidate with the most lies can win. Votes are hopes thrown into the void.
  • Envy and cough are alike: no one can hide them.
  • If there were fewer liars in the world and more honest people, they would have been avoided until the two world wars.
  • Lying is the mother of evil. From it come all the evils that plague the world.
  • The world is full of fake people, if you want to see them together, they must go to a meeting of some political party
  • That man is so but so false that a cardboard roof

Ironic Quotes for lying people

  • Liars are like short race horses: they never get far.
  • Lying people are the most affected by their lies because they end up believing them. There comes a time when you do not know how to distinguish between reality and what you have invented.
  • By now there should be an antivirus to combat lies. The world would be spared many conflicts without that plague.
  • Whoever tells the truth is one step ahead, whoever tells the lie is one step below himself.
  • The abyss of false people is its only truth.
  • When will they sell an app to silence lies? Many would be speechless around me.
  • A lie is enough to tear down a building of truths. Such is the power of false people.
  • Prayer of the day: from false people, deliver us, sir.
  • Accumulate in your spirit the certainty of being yourself so that you are immune to the falsehood that surrounds you.
  • No one is exempt from being deceived. What is strictly prohibited is to be fooled twice by the same person.
  • When truth flourishes, lies immediately wither away. Nature does not make mistakes.
  • By nature, lovers feel they touch the sky with their hands. Lovers are liars by nature.
  • False words are not carried away by the wind. They linger in the environment to stain the listener.
  • If every time someone told a lie a tree leaf fell the earth would no longer be habitable due to lack of oxygen.
  • Sometimes silence is the best refuge, especially when there are words loaded with the elements.
  • Time is a great teacher and also a great debunker. I think more the second than the first. Yes, definitely
  • At first his words captivated me, then his actions left me deaf.
  • You are so, so liar that if you get tested before the lie detector you would damage the device
  • Lying is your job and boy do you do it right, if telling lies were a university career, you would be a high-level professional and president of the school of liars in your country
  • He is so liar that if they gave the guinness prize to the most liar man, he would win it but he would not go to receive it because he would lie when he said that he would be without fail on the day of the reception