Quotes & Messages About The World Environment Day 2021

Quotes of the environment day
Quotes of the environment day

Are you looking for a phrases and quotes to share and raise awareness about how important it is to take care of our planet? Then you will like to read our collection of world environment day Quotes 2021. Enjoy them.


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Quotes to take care of the environment

  • Taking care of the environment is not the task of governments, we all must do it.
  • The earth gives us flowers and fruits, even when it only receives mistreatment from human beings.
  • Nature is seriously threatened, and believe it or not, the main culprits are men.
  • Earth is one of the most valuable treasures we all have, so taking care of it must be a team effort.
  • Our environment will improve when we understand that our lives depend on it.
  • Caring for the land is the best way to show that we love our children and grandchildren.
  • If we all contribute our grain of sand, the earth would be a better place.
  • Before damaging the earth, ponder how that will later affect your life.
  • It would be unrealistic to make plans for the future if today we do not take care of the environment.
  • Planting a tree is the best way to extend our life.

Quotes about the environment

  • Preserving the environment must be one of our priorities.
  • Do not send others to take care of the environment, teach them by example.
  • There is only one thing that the earth cannot satisfy for the human being: his greed.
  • Thinking that our planet is unique and unmatched will help us not to ruin it.
  • Earth would be a better place if all human beings wanted it.
  • The drastic change that the climate is undergoing requires that we prioritize it.
  • By planting a tree, not only we benefit, but also those around us.
  • Land is the best example of generosity.
  • Our planet earth gives us, as only some humans can, in a disinterested way.
  • Change is necessary, start with you.
  • The atmosphere asks, yearns for our compassion.
  • The atmosphere is a sample of the human being’s ability to prioritize only his needs.

Quotes about caring for the environment

  • We damage the land and it instead gives us air to breathe.
  • The neglect that we give to the earth is a sign of the lack of self-love that lives in us.
  • Acting in an organized and combined way is the key to success.
  • Loving nature makes us better people.
  • Spend your time on the trees and they will cultivate beautiful qualities in you.
  • Caring for a tree is equivalent to caring for our life.
  • Life depends on protecting the environment.
  • The land does not belong to us alone, it is a common good that we all must take care of.
  • Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if human beings acted on instinct alone.
  • The attention you give to the earth is a reflection of how much you love your children.
  • The land is unique and unequaled. Treat it as such.
  • Our planet is overflowing with beauty everywhere.
  • Nature expresses what it feels for the damage it receives, only that human beings do not listen to it.

Reflections on the environment

  • The time we will live on earth depends largely on the care we give it.
  • The true enemy of our nature is the egoism that dominates the human being.
  • Land is the loan that our grandchildren make to us.
  • Our planet is vulnerable to human neglect.
  • Apparently, the human being is the enemy of beauty, destroying everything beautiful that he finds on the planet.
  • Deforestation is only a method of self-destruction.
  • Teaching our children to take care of the environment is the best way for them to learn to value and take care of their lives.
  • In order to receive clean air from the earth it is necessary that we do not contaminate it.
  • We do not own the land, we are only part of it.
  • If they work as a team to destroy part of the earth, how difficult is it to work as a team to protect it?

Messages about the environment

  • The purest air is the one that is breathed in the places that the human being has not touched.
  • If you look around you will realize that nature has its own language.
  • If we all came together to take care of the environment the results would be surprising.
  • Cleaning natural parks should be everyone’s job because together we enjoy them.
  • We are so unconscious that we only see and understand the vitality of water when we don’t have it.
  • Those who love and care for nature have a purer heart than those who do not.
  • The earth does not belong to us, it is our temporary home for which all of us must answer.
  • Everyone learns their rights, but they forget to study the duties they have with the land.
  • If we do not act now, our grandchildren will not have a place to live.
  • Human beings kill natural beauty to replace it with artificial beauty. That’s how incongruous we are.

Short Quotes about the environment

  • Change depends only on ourselves.
  • There is nothing that a human being cannot achieve, and caring for the earth is no exception.
  • The land expects daily that we become aware and give it a better deal.
  • Taking care of nature is an effort that is worth a lot and costs little.
  • A land without trees is equivalent to a land without life.
  • Strolling in nature is more profitable than walking in a shopping center.
  • If we are observers, on earth we can learn a lot from even the smallest living being.
  • The beauty of nature is found even in what we see every day.
  • Nature is not an attraction, it is our home.
  • The environment is not defenseless, it is more powerful than any human being.
  • To understand the truly important things it is necessary to ask mother earth.
  • The best gifts are offered by the natural environment. It is those things that we really need.

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