Happy Mothers Day 2021 Wishes Messages to all Mothers

happy mothers day wishes messages
happy mothers day wishes messages

Having a mother is like having a best friend at all times! You can count on her for cuddling, but especially for ear tugs. Well believe me, she wishes the best for her beloved children! See the beautiful Mother’s Day 2021 wishes and messages we have selected, honor and thank yours for all the complicity and dedicated love.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes to Honor Every Mom in Exciting way

  1. A love stronger than anything, more obstinate than anything, more enduring than anything, is only the love of a mother. You are everything to me, mother!
  2. The mother’s love can be translated into one word: donation! To speak of this feeling is to understand that it is the most complete form of love. Happy Mothers Day!
  3. Mother, you are the star of my life that shines in my darkest days and that makes my heart warm in the cold. You are the purity of love!
  4. Mother, you don’t bow to difficulties, but you win them! Your love enchants me, your strength makes me proud and I am truly privileged to have you in my life.
  5. Mother, you are the only person in the world who is always present unconditionally. If I reject you, forgive me. If I’m wrong, welcome me. If my friends don’t welcome me, you open a door for me. If I’m happy, celebrate with me. If I’m sad, don’t smile until you make me laugh. Thank you for being my unconditional friend!
  6. Mom, it’s just three letters! The sky also has three letters and the infinite can fit in them. Happy Mothers Day!
  7. Mother’s love is the fuel that enables an ordinary human being to do the impossible. Thank you mom!
  8. No language is capable of expressing a mother’s beauty and strength. Happy Mothers Day!
  9. Love the little one until he grows up; to the sick, until he heals; to the absent, until he returns. Only a mother can love like this, Happy Mother’s Day!
  10. Mom, you don’t know how much I love you, it must be because I don’t express it. My heart is radiant when I get home and find you by my side! My world is nothing if you are not in it. Congratulations on your day!
  11. Mom, every day is your day! If I could, I would give you a truck of flowers of all colors, the whole sky and the sea, because I love to love you. Happy Mothers Day!
  12. Mother, every day I thank you for the life you gave me. But on this Mother’s Day, I want to thank you for the example you are! With all the gratitude and love I learned from you, I want to wish you a happy and beautiful Mother’s Day. Love you!
  13. Belly mother or mother of life, mother forever or chosen … Types change, but love does not. Happy Mothers Day!
  14. Mother, you planted love, harmony and peace in me. He knew how to teach me to be someone before I had. You have always shown how to love and forgive. I thank God that you are my mother. Happy Mothers Day!
  15. Your arms always open when I need a hug. Your heart knows how to understand when I need a friend. Your sensitive eyes harden when I need a lesson. Your strength and your love guided me through life and gave me the wings I needed to fly.
  16. Thank you, mother, for bringing me into the world, teaching me everything that is important to live in it, and above all, for being part of my world.
  17. Only those who are mothers know what it is to love unconditionally! Nothing compares to listening to the baby’s heart, dreaming of his first steps and imagining what he will be when he grows up. Therefore, I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all who know what it is to truly love.
  18. My mother is a queen. Happy Mothers Day!
  19. Mother: the most beautiful love there is! A Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, who make this love the most beautiful of all.
  20. Mother, when I need a friendly shoulder, I know I can count on you! You are the best friend I could have. Happy Mothers Day!
  21. May each dawn be for you an invitation to dream, an appeal to live and an opportunity to love. Happy Mothers Day!
  22. Mother, Mother’s Day is only once a year, but I love you every day.
  23. Being a mother is discovering that the greatest joy in life is sharing all your love. Happy Mothers Day!
  24. You know my dreams. You hear my hopes. You feel my problems. You are unique, mom!
  25. I’m very lucky because I have the best mom in the world! Happy Mothers Day.
  26. Mother, I can try to do everything to repay what you did for me, but I know that I will never come close to that. So, I wanted to record the immense and unconditional love that I feel for you. Love you! Happy Mothers Day!
  27. All that I am, or intend to be, I owe to an angel: my mother.
  28. A mother is able to give everything without receiving anything. To love with all your heart without expecting anything in return. To invest everything in a project without measuring the profitability it will bring you back. A mother continues to have confidence in her children when others have already lost her. Thank you for being my mom!
  29. Time passes, life passes, only a mother’s love persists the challenges imposed by time.
  30. Mother, my love, my queen, my life, my everything!
  31. Mother, I may not demonstrate correctly, but know that I love you more than my own life!
  32. For the most important woman in my life: Happy Mother’s Day!
  33. I believe in love at first sight because I love my mom since I opened my eyes!
  34. Mother, synonymous with the verb to love: I love you, we love you … Today and always!
  35. A flower is beautiful, a landscape can be beautiful, but the image of a mother transcends everything that the eyes understand by beauty.
  36. God chose the best person in the world to be my mother!
  37. Mother, life presents us with wonderful people like you, who teach through knowledge, example and unconditional love. Congratulations!
  38. Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day. They deserve it!
  39. The word mother is not a noun, but a verb! Mother is caring, fighting, crying, playing, smiling, helping, changing, worrying, getting angry … Mother is knowing how to love!
  40. Mother, beginning of everything and synonymous with love!
  41. Mothers are gifts from God and it is through them that we first know the full extent of the Lord’s love. Happy Mothers Day!
  42. There is only one thing in the world more beautiful than the woman: the mother! Happy Mothers Day!
  43. Being a mother means having the source of a love greater than life itself in the fruit of your womb.
  44. The most warrior, special and unique woman I know I am fortunate to call her mother!
  45. You are my life and your legacy is my path. Happy Mothers Day!
  46. Our love reveals the certainty of any indecision and the joy of any sadness. I love you, mom!
  47. Mother, you always took care of me, always prayed for me, always said yes, with all your affection and all of your love. I wanted to say that you are my world!
  48. Every day I celebrate the privilege of having the best mother in the world, but even more today. Happy Mothers Day!
  49. Smile and mother’s lap are more delicious than chocolate ice cream, and also cheaper. Happy Mother’s Day with lots of love and joy!
  50. Love has a name, a short name, three letters and full of affection. That name is: mom! Happy Mothers Day!
  51. A mother’s love is the best medicine for many of our pains. Happy Mothers Day!
  52. Happy Mother’s Day to all the warriors who, for the love of their children, are able to face the world!
  53. Thanks to your strength, your love and example, today I am who I am. I love you, best mother in the world!
  54. Happy Mother’s Day to the most important women in our lives, as they give everything without charging us anything!
  55. A mother’s love is our first contact with the world and with God, for mother is divine gift. Happy Mothers Day!
  56. Today I know how to love because you raised me with the language of the heart. Happy Mothers Day!
  57. Mother, you deserve all the love and affection that exists in the world. Happy Mothers Day!
  58. Dear mother, today my homage is to you as is my love and attention. Happy Mothers Day!
  59. My mother, you are my inspiration and my pride, and the love I feel for you is eternal!

Always be grateful to the one who would certainly give his life for you! For more tributes, see our affectionate Happy Mother’s Day Sayings and express your admiration.