Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes For a Son

Birthday Quotes for a Son
Birthday Quotes for a Son

In this article you will find the most beautiful birthday greetings for a son, original messages to dedicate to him on his special day, so that he knows that you are always there to love and care for him.


  • List of birthday messages for a child

List of birthday messages for a child

  • You are the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me, you came into my life to completely change it. Happy birthday son of my soul, I bless you.
  • Happy birthday to the naughtiest, most restless son but the one who makes me the happiest person on the planet. I ask God to continue giving you wisdom and love.
  • I would not change you for anything or anyone, you are the most special being in the world, son of my life. I love you immensely, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my youngest son, I still remember when you were just a baby, small and defenseless and now look at yourself as a man. May the successes continue in your life. I love you above all things.
  • I ask God to never take you from my side, because you are my perfect complement. Happy birthday, may it be many more years.
  • How can I forget your birthday if it is the most important date of my life because you were born, beautiful son. God bless you and may everything you long for come true.
  • Happy Birthday. Since you came to this world you have filled my life with satisfactions and many joys, which excellent son touched me. Keep it up, being the splendid person you are, I will be here for you always.
  • It is difficult to describe in words how much you mean to me, you are my whole world, my little piece of heaven. I love you so much, happy birthday.
  • This year I ask for a lot of life and please do not continue bringing so many girlfriends to the house. I love you with my whole heart son, happy birthday.
  • On this special day, as it is your birthday, I have many surprises for you, gifts that you will love. Happy Birthday son.
  • Since you were little I knew that you would do many great things in your life and when you grew up you showed me that you are capable of more. Happy birthday son, I bless you on this day and on all the days of your life. Dad loves you.
  • I feel so proud to call you SON, I feel like a full mother. Thank you for always being that ideal child, the most attentive, the most accommodating, the most loving. Today, on your birthday, I wanted to remind you how special you are to me and to everyone around you.
  • Today we will celebrate together your life, your arrival in this world. You will always be my greatest love, my darling, even if the years pass and pass. Congratulations son, I love you with the strength of my soul.
  • I do not care at all that you are already a big man, I will always fill you with kisses and giant hugs. Happy birthday son, for me you will always be that little baby.
  • Perhaps the distance separates us this wonderful day, but the love I feel for you is so great that it surpasses a lot of things. That is why through this message I want to wish you a happy birthday, very soon we will be together to celebrate. I love you.
  • Happy birthday son, there are many beautiful moments that go through my mind today, from the moment you came into my life until now that adds another year to your life. I am grateful to God for everything good. I love you to infinity.
  • From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed and prayed that you would be born healthy and full of life. Today your birthday I still thank heaven for that. Congratulations, you are worth gold.
  • Happy birthday dear child, may all the wishes of your heart be fulfilled. You are my peace. Your dad loves you very much.
  • When I found out you were coming into my life, I was really scared, I was just a teenager and I didn’t have the wisdom or experience to have you. However, everything changed when you arrived because little by little you taught and guided me to be that mom you will always need so much. I love you son, happy birthday. Never forget that you are and will always be my greatest gift.
  • The most beautiful day of the year finally arrived, the day of your birthday. That is why I want to wish you, beloved son that all the angels of heaven are with you always taking care of you, that the love of God never departs from your life and that it continues giving you many more years.
  • Happy birthday son, I know that many times I am usually nagging and very straight, but I do all this so that you are always on the path of good and that your paths are peaceful. I love you and God bless you.
  • On this wonderful day, the whole family gathers in your honor to celebrate your birthday, my son. You are the joy of this home, you are our greatest blessing. We love you.
  • Even if you are traveling we could not help gathering everyone to wish you a happy birthday and that this year you are undertaking is one of great achievements. We love you son, on behalf of your wife, children and myself.
  • How great you are, how handsome, you look a lot like your mother. Happy birthday son, keep growing and learning from life.
  • It is a day of incalculable emotions, today you are coming of age, would you like us to go eat ice cream? When you were a kid we used to do it and you had so much fun. Congratulations my beloved son.
  • The amusement park awaits us, there we will go to celebrate your birthday. You are that ray of light in the dark, my beloved son, I will love you forever. Happy Birthday.
  • For reasons that are out of my hands today that you are completing one more year of life I will not be able to be with you, but it does not matter, the distance does not prevent two hearts from joining. Today I want you to know that you are an elemental piece in my life and that I love you with the strength of my spirit. Happy birthday, your dad wishes you, that crazy man who loves you.
  • Happy birthday my precious love, I witnessed that this year you went through many adversities, situations that you thought you would not get out of. However, notice how strong you are, you managed to get ahead and continue with your head held high. I am so proud that you are my son. I bless you on this day and on the days that you have to live.
  • I feel like a happy man, a realized man. In all these years you have shown that I led you on good paths, guiding you, giving you an excellent example and you are the faithful result of all that. Happy 18 years son, continue reaping successes in your life.
  • Life and God rewarded me with a beautiful, intelligent son with incredible humility. Congratulations on this day, your birthday.
  • Son of my heart, you make me the happiest person in this world, that’s why I pray to heaven always asking for your well-being. Happy Birthday.
  • For a mother, children never grow, we never stop protecting them and providing them with well-being and love. That happens to you with me, you are the most precious gift that life could give me. Happy birthday, you are still my little boy.
  • I am very happy to see you fulfilled, with your family: wife and children. I like to see how good a father and how loving you are as a husband. I bless you today, your birthday, and I ask God to give you long life to see your children, my dear grandchildren, grow. I love you.
  • I would like to put the whole world at your feet, to remove from you everything that could harm you. But it is certainly a path that you must travel alone. However, I will always be here to offer you a helping hand at the right time, to dry your tears if necessary and celebrate your joys. Happy birthday beloved son.
  • Happy birthday son, on this special and unforgettable date I want you to keep in mind that the love of those who have been with you will always be there, no matter what happens.
  • You are the fruit of the love that your father and I have for each other, that is why you are so loved and blessed. I love you happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the most partying and dancing boy, we love you son. Our life is beautiful because you are in it.
  • Today will be a day full of many sweets, I will buy you a super delicious chocolate cake for you to enjoy with your friends. Happy birthday my little piece of moon.
  • Nine months of waiting to see your beautiful face and everyone in the family already feels very happy. Happy birthday my life, you were the most beautiful wait in the world.
  • The joy I feel seeing that little by little you fulfill your dreams is immense. Congratulations today on your birthday, son.
  • Son, a while back I felt bad for not having planned my pregnancy, now I feel happy because I can hug and pamper you. Happy Birthday.
  • Today, which is your birthday, we are far away, I feel very nostalgic because we have never spent such a special day apart. I carry you in my heart and mind, son of my life. Have a happy day.
  • Today we will celebrate your day in a big way, today you will have a bottle of wine with your father that I have bought especially for this memorable date. Congratulations son, it goes without saying how much I love you and what I wish that only things come to your life that fill your heart with joy. Enjoy!
  • My mother was right when she told me that children are the joy of life, the precious inheritance of God. I felt that when I saw you born and grow. Many blessings to your life son, is what I long for. Happy Birthday.
  • I will prepare especially for you, son, on this wonderful day, that food that you liked so much when you were a child, remember? Here I wait for you to celebrate your birthday together.
  • It’s amazing how time passes. Now you are the one who takes care of me and the one who watches over me. I appreciate it so much! Thank you for everything you do for me day by day. Happy birthday, you are the pride of my heart.
  • Today I realize how lucky I was to be a very young dad, because look at me and look at me, we are so alike. Happy birthday my boy. I love you a lot.
  • Watching you I realize that I did an excellent job raising you with values ​​that serve you in your daily life. Congratulations my beautiful love, I will love you until the end of my days.
  • Happy birthday, you are extraordinary and wonderful. I am glad that you are part of my days. Son, you are my true eternal love.
  • God gave you a great voice, an angelic voice that you always use to praise him. Son, today I hope you continue to exalt his name because he gave you one more year of life. Congratulations.
  • You came into my life to change it positively in many ways, to change it magically, you are my guide and my most beautiful thought. Happy birthday son of my soul.
  • When I found out I was pregnant, I asked God for a little boy and to look like Dad. The moment of your birth was very happy, because when I saw you and knew your sex I knew that God had heard my prayers. You are the man of my life, my beloved son. Happy Birthday.
  • I waited long to meet you, it should be faster to see the birth of a beloved son. Happy Birthday.
  • I love you so much that I still have all the toys from your childhood, it is a beautiful memory of those golden years that will remain in my mind forever. I love you son, happy birthday.
  • A child is a reason for union and happiness, that’s why I raised you with affection, respect and honesty. Congratulations I wish you today on your birthday.

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