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Spite Quotes
Spite Quotes

If you want to read the most sincere Quotes of spite take a look at this article where you will find the most original words to express the pain caused by a love breakup.


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Quotes of spite of love

  • Although I fail in love, I am content to have tried.
  • Teaching me that love can be faked.
  • I will always love you, even if my love is not reciprocated.
  • I got tired of feeling those loveless hugs.
  • Although I gave my all I could not save our relationship.
  • You were my priority while for you I was only a hobby.
  • I will gain strength to forget what we once were.
  • When you already had me on top of so much love, you let me fall into the void.
  • I planned a future for both of you and you a way to end our relationship.
  • Sometimes in my dreams I imagine you stay with me.
  • If I could I would return the time to avoid allowing myself to love you.
  • I discovered that I don’t really want a life with you.
  • You taught me that in life you cannot have everything you want.
  • It hurts me that you gave up our future together.

Quotes of spite and heartbreak

  • The foundations of our relationship were built in the air.
  • If you loved me you would always be by my side.
  • Today I suffer when I see that I do not receive half the love I gave you.
  • I love you, but I don’t know if I need you to be happy.
  • I loved you, but you only played with my love.
  • I don’t know what hurts more, if I don’t have you by my side or if you are by my side without feeling love.
  • I discovered that it is better to be alone than in the company of someone who does not remove the emptiness of my heart.
  • Your goodbye broke my heart into a thousand pieces.
  • I loved you without knowing that a goodbye would be enough to destroy my heart.
  • Your game hurts, but I will still miss you.
  • I love you even if you are in other arms.
  • It is not masochism, what I feel for you is true love.
  • The patience that held my love for you faded.
  • Your deception was the last disappointment my heart could bear.

Words of spite

  • I suffer in silence from just remembering what we once were.
  • There are no words to express the spite I carry with me.
  • I don’t know whether to love you secretly or hate you.
  • I search with dedication for the key to get you out of my heart.
  • When I find the right person, I will go to your side so that you suffer a bit of what I suffered.
  • I discovered that even my dog ​​loves me more than you.
  • I know the day will come when you will discover that I was the one for you.
  • You left a gap not impossible to fill, but difficult.
  • Ours was just a fantasy, a fleeting love.
  • I hate myself for loving the wrong person.
  • It is impossible for me to believe one more lie.
  • I don’t love you so much that I crawl for you.
  • I took the moon down and it wasn’t enough for you.

Messages of spite

  • I will find a way to get you out of my heart.
  • It is impossible not to hold a grudge when you have mercilessly played with my feelings.
  • Being by your side was my worst mistake.
  • After my revenge, I will take you out of my heart.
  • I got tired of pretending that I feel the false love you give me.
  • I loved you in the hope that this fleeting love would become eternal.
  • When you see that I am happy and not for you, you will realize what you lost.
  • I am happier without hearing that false “I love you” that came from your lips.
  • I’d rather be alone than next to someone who pretends to love me.
  • When you love, you love with the soul, with the thought, with all the strength … then yours was not love.
  • I got tired of waiting for a love that never existed.
  • I don’t think your next boyfriend loves you as much as I did.

Quotes of despised women

  • Maybe if I hadn’t loved you so much, today you would be by my side.
  • You are a lousy imitation of what a gentleman is.
  • With so many disappointments I understood that I am happier without you.
  • Thank you for teaching me that it is best not to trust men.
  • You were not my happiness, but you did contribute to it.
  • I dreamed of you every night and you dreaming of another.
  • I put my love and trust in the wrong person.
  • How good it would be if the pain went away with the speed with which you left.
  • Although it hurts I know that I deserved more than what I received from you.
  • I think I fell more in love with thinking about what you would become than who you really are.
  • Without you by my side, I smile more, I am happier.
  • I was in love with you, while you only saw me as one more for your collection.
  • You forgot me as quickly as you said you wouldn’t.

Quotes of spite for men

  • It is impossible to forget a smile as tender as yours.
  • No one can take over my heart like you did.
  • I loved you so much that I never expected this sudden goodbye.
  • I don’t think in a thousand years you will find a man who loves you as much as I do.
  • If you weren’t happy by my side I think you won’t be happy by anyone else.
  • Without you I feel like a new man.
  • Beside you my happiness was limited.
  • You come out of my life the same way you entered: without permission.
  • Today I am devastated, dying of love for you.
  • No one will take care of your dreams with as much love as I do.
  • I prefer the pain of forgetting you rather than the pain of hearing an empty “I love you” from your lips.
  • My plan was to grow old by your side.
  • You are the first woman to take over my heart, but I tell you that you will not be the only one.

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