Short Quotes for Best Friends & Love Messages

One of the best known quotes about friendship is one that says that whoever has a friend has a treasure. And it is true, precisely because of this it is very important that you take care of your friends every day, and so that you can do it without problems, in this article we give you the short best friends quotes and also check out love quotes for him.

Special Friends Quotes

  • If you know your memory phone … it’s a good friend.
  • I may have repeated the same stories a million times, and I may repeat them again a million times more, but you can tell that you are my best friend that you never cut me or tell me you already know that story. You always let me repeat them to you as many times as necessary, and you keep reacting like the first time.
  • Real friends are not those who give you the right in everything or those who tell you that everything you do is fine. Real friends are those who shout at you when you do things wrong and those who scold you when you have not followed their advice, the friends are the ones who are always, in the good and the bad.
  • You’re my true friend because when I’m okay with my boyfriend you say it’s amazing and we’re made for each other, and when I argue with him, you give me the reason when I tell you he’s an idiot that does not deserve me.
  • I have always found it curious that two people as different as us, have managed to find the way to the most true and pure friendship of all.
  • Thank you very much for having entered my life, I do not know what I would have done without you all these years, the truth is that I think I would not have had the strength to overcome the difficult moments. You have been my true strength and I will never be able to thank you enough.
  • Do not imagine the sadness I feel every time you leave and leave me alone, it is something that can not be compared with anything else.
  • Of course we are not the best people in the world, we could improve hundreds of different things, but that’s the beauty, that even though we are imperfect, we will always support each other.

Beautiful Quotes for Friends

  • Yes, I confess that on several occasions I’ve been jealous of your boyfriend, it’s not because I love you in that sense, it’s simply because it steals valuable time that could be you and me having fun and having a great time.
  • Clearly you are my best friend, I have noticed that I have begun to have more clothes in your wardrobe than mine.
  • The best friends are those with the most crazy you can do without you care about anything.
  • If you think I’m going to let you cry for people who are not worth it, you’re very wrong. Your tears save them only for those who really deserve them, because you are unique, and if someone is not able to see it, should not be by your side, he will lose it.
  • I just need to look you in the eye to know exactly what you’re thinking, I like being able to have conversations without even having to open my mouth to speak.
  • I thank you absolutely everything you do for me every day, I thank you even for making me cry from time to time, because when you make me cry it is for telling me the truth, even though you know that I will not like it, and that is precisely what They make good friends really, help no matter what happens.

Short Friendship Quotes

  • We met in a strange situation, I never thought that from there could arise a friendship as beautiful as ours.
  • You have never let grief make me miserable or that I sink in sadness, so really thank you very much, and I promise that I will always be by your side, trying to make everything go your best.
  • Life is happening, and although we did not see every day before, and now that has changed, I want you to know that I do not care. I do not care because in spite of that, I know that you love me and that this friendship will never end.
  • You are the most special friend that I have, you are the one that makes me feel good and the one that helps me in every moment of my life. So thank you very much for being like that.
  • I am not able to thank you for everything you do for me every day, you are incredible. Thanks for always being by my side.
  • I have made you so many gifts that for your birthday I had almost no ideas left. Luckily I know you better than anyone else in the world and I always know what can make you more excited.
  • The friends are not only to make people laugh and to have fun at good times, but also that our friends are really there to cry together and offer our shoulder.
  • You must be my best friend, because of course you are the only person in the world to whom I could leave my clothes. Up to that point I trusted you.