Short and Romantic Love Compliments for Women

Short and romantic compliments of love remain the secret weapon of many to conquer a woman. If all the ones you know are repetitive and no longer give you any results, try the ones that we bring you below as they are the most original


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Compliments to fall in love

  • You are the song that makes my guitar play.
  • The woman is the most charming being that exists on earth and you are the best representation of that special being.
  • If you were a poem I would memorize it to recite it at every moment.
  • For a woman like you I give up all my wealth.
  • Hello pretty girl, you look like a goddess, what time did you fall from the sky?
  • Tell me what is your favorite food, that for a woman like you I even do a cookery course.
  • You have the perfect curves in the right places.
  • You are charming, with that mischievous smile and those lips that provoke.
  • To look into your eyes is to fall spellbound and surrendered at your feet.
  • Your walk leaves me spellbound and makes me think of the day when I can accompany you by the hand.
  • The first time I saw you I liked you but now that I’ve seen you so many times, I can tell you that I love you.
  • Excuse me if I am inopportune but I have to tell you that you are a truly beautiful woman.
  • I die a little inside every time you pass by me and you don’t deign to look at me.

Compliments for my girlfriend

  • Every night I dream of you and at dawn I don’t want to wake up.
  • You’re the one that makes my heart beat a thousand an hour.
  • How do I explain that you are perfect?
  • You are great, how many times do I have to repeat it until you believe it?
  • Only with your beautiful smile can you stop my whole world.
  • Nothing and no one is important when it comes to the two of us.
  • We embark on a fascinating adventure in which you are the captain.
  • With you love is much more beautiful, not even the poets describe it as well as we live it.
  • I love your look just before you kiss us.
  • The nights by your side are the best in my life.
  • I bet even what I don’t have to stay by my side.
  • There is no part of your body that I don’t like, you are perfect.
  • How could such a beautiful woman fall in love with a man as ugly as me?
  • You are an open book that I want to read from start to finish.
  • For that little mouth that kills me I would cross to a river full of crocodiles.
  • Actually I don’t just like you, I love you.
  • You are my sun, you are my moon, you are my star, you are my sky, you are my everything.
  • The taste of my life is given by your kisses.
  • Your lips are sweeter than honey and I never tire of them.
  • I live chained to you, you have me at your mercy to do with me what you want.
  • You have the perfect measurements for my arms to hug you with skill.

Nice compliments for men

  • I don’t know what perfume you wear, but it inevitably leads me to you.
  • If you thought me like I do, I would go straight into your arms.
  • I like strong and at the same time sweet men. That combination is yours.
  • My life is meaningless when you don’t look at me.
  • I never thought I’d find a man like you, one who, just by talking to me, makes me tremble completely.
  • It may be that you have met other women, perhaps very beautiful but none can love you as much as I do.
  • I know that God put us on the same path, I cannot find another explanation for this beautiful coincidence.
  • I think of the moment you give me your first kiss and I already smile with anticipation.
  • I have no better plan for my life than to live what is left of her by your side.
  • You are so beautiful that I have begun to believe that angels are walking on earth.
  • Tell me if you are coming that I am waiting for you here.
  • I don’t know what your eyes have but with a single glance you already stole my heart.

Flattery for a woman

  • Only one person has the key to my heart and that is you.
  • With all due respect let me tell you that you are a beautiful woman, one of those worth conquering.
  • Everything you do is perfect, I still can’t find fault with you.
  • Every time I see you go by my heart starts shaking.
  • If I had a chance to make a wish, just one, I would ask you to notice me.
  • I am only one step away from declaring that I am completely crazy about you.
  • The scent that comes off your hair is my favorite scent.
  • How not to love you if you are not only a good woman but also an excellent mother.
  • There is nothing and nobody in this world that even comes a little closer to you, you are unmatched.
  • I am happy because I have the best woman of all by my side.
  • My friends say that I am a lucky boy to take a woman like you, holding my hand.
  • You are stronger than you think, you are my wonder woman.
  • Loving you has been the most irrational decision and, at the same time, the most sane decision of my life.
  • I don’t change you even for a VIP ticket to the Champions League final.
  • Since you are with me, I went from being an ordinary man to becoming the luckiest man on the planet.
  • Your blue eyes give meaning to my life, every time I see them I find peace.
  • Everything can go wrong, but you appear and as if by magic everything improves.

Compliments for my girlfriend

  • Your love is more refreshing to me than a Coca Cola.
  • I could say that you are as beautiful as a flower but in reality you are more beautiful than all the flowers in the world.
  • I agree with your dad when he says that you are the best girl in the world.
  • There is no queen in my castle but you.
  • There is only one perfect equation: that of your body.
  • In my dreams you are the special guest.
  • If you see me with a lost look and a huge smile it is because I am thinking of you.
  • I want to be the guardian who watches over your dreams every night.
  • I think my life would be without you and I conclude that I simply have no life without you.
  • With you I want to spend all the time because for me you are the right person.
  • The more I discover about you, the more it convinces me that you are who I want to be with all my life.
  • Before you I had not experienced what it is to love. Even in that you are a good teacher.
  • My mind recreates you over and over again when I’m not with you.
  • If I look up the word perfection in the dictionary, I find it accompanied by a photo of you.
  • You are so wonderful that I never wanted to lose you.
  • Everything I have belongs to you, even my whole life.
  • You like romantic movies and I like comedies more, that’s why now we see romantic comedies every Sunday afternoon.
  • If you were paid for every time you dazzle with your beauty, you would be a millionaire.
  • The others can say what they want but I prefer you and I don’t have to hide it.
  • You are more valuable than all the corals in the ocean and the best kept secrets in this world.

Compliments to conquer

  • I know you are very far from me but I like challenges.
  • I wish I was a diver so I could go deep into your body.
  • If I were a painter I would use your body as a canvas and paint you from head to toe.
  • Even the best compliments to conquer are not enough for you to know everything I think about you.
  • Aphrodite, Zeus, Cupid, are you family of any of them? Because you are all a goddess.
  • The day I taste your lips I can die happy.
  • It’s not that I’m stupid, it’s that when I see you I forget the whole world.
  • I could spend my entire life kissing each of your freckles.
  • If you look at me for a moment, I look for the sky and I put it at your feet.
  • Your walking hypnotizes me, makes me dizzy, catches me.
  • If you are a sorceress I want to volunteer to fall into one of your spells.
  • Miss let me be the owner of every one of your sighs.
  • I would like to be your phone so you can take me with you wherever you go.
  • You are a woman covered in mysteries and I love to play detective.
  • You have a special accommodation in my heart and I will never leave you.
  • For you I can endure even the most extreme temperatures without adequate protection.
  • I dream of losing myself on your lips and never finding the way that shows me the way out.
  • I have a bottle of wine and a dinner for two, will you join me?

Compliments for pretty women

  • Never deprive me of your presence or life will seem unnecessary to me.
  • How happy is the pillow, which can be in your bed every night.
  • For you I would invent a world where there are only the things you like.
  • Thinking of you and laughter helps me fill spaces in my life.
  • I live on the crumbs that fall from your table, that’s how trapped you have me.
  • It is not for being exaggerated but I need you as much or more than the air to breathe.
  • I don’t care how long the clock ticks, I’ll keep waiting for you because I know you’re the best.
  • Who was a poet to have you as a muse.
  • I have always been bad at mathematics but I want to add joys to you.
  • I don’t know what’s wrong with my heart, I think he’s having a seizure and you can only save him.
  • Imagine the scene: you and me walking hand in hand through the park.
  • For a woman like you I even think about marriage.
  • How long are you going to ignore me? In case you haven’t realized I exist.
  • If I do not care if I lose my love for heaven, I am willing to go to hell for you.
  • My weakness has your first and last name.
  • I adore you as believers do with their gods.
  • The day that your look and your words say the same, then I will stop trying to conquer you.

Compliments for a beautiful woman

  • I’m going to build a bridge that brings you directly to my lips.
  • I do not lose hope that one day our clothes will be in the same closet.
  • You are a crime that I want to commit regardless of the law.
  • Test me and tell me if I am worthy of you or not.
  • You make my present more beautiful and you make me think of a perfect future.
  • Do you think you can give me the opportunity to show you how much I love you?
  • I don’t know which artist you are a creation, because honestly you are a work of art.
  • I belong to that 99.9% of men who like you.
  • You don’t have to be extraordinarily beautiful or dress provocatively to get attention, it just has to be you.
  • Girl, I don’t know if you’ve been told before, but you’re beautiful.
  • My eyes have never seen a woman like you.
  • I give you these keys, they not only open my heart but my whole life.
  • For you I lose even dignity.
  • There may be a thousand women like you, but I don’t want a woman like you, I want only you.
  • There is no queen on my chessboard but you.
  • At least give me your phone number to send you a good night message.
  • Say yes and I’ll take you around the world holding hands.
  • Do you want to be the cure for my insomnia? I think in your arms I could sleep like a baby.
  • Let me rise from being your best friend to being the man who fills you with kisses and caresses.

This has been our list of compliments to fall in love with that person you like. Choose the most appropriate and start to conquer the heart of the woman you are attracted to.


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