Quotes Not to Give Up

Quotes Not to Give Up
Quotes Not to Give Up

Are you looking for a message that gives you the strength and courage you need to fight for your dreams? Then you will enjoy reading our article with the most original Quotes to not give up.


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Quotes of not giving up

  • No matter what happens, the course of your life will depend on the way you face it.
  • May the concerns of life never stop you from dreaming.
  • Smile at disappointments and find a way to learn from them.
  • That your attitude is positive regardless of the pessimism of those around you.
  • Take out all that strength that is inside you and you will see that nothing can stop you.
  • Comparing your efforts with other people’s is an anchor that prevents you from moving forward; drop it.
  • May your goals be the motivation to never give up.
  • Promise yourself that you will never give up.
  • Protect your dreams for what they are: a valuable treasure that gives us the strength to fight.
  • That you lack everything except the desire to fight for each of your goals.
  • Dreams are like that fuel we need to continue.
  • Do not give up even if the storm is very hard, remember that the sun will always rise for you.
  • We grow when we lose our fear of the dark.
  • Surrendering is for a coward, it shows how brave and fighter you are.
  • Never give up what you love just because it’s difficult.
  • Hard work offers sure rewards.
  • When you feel that you are hurt and without strength, remember that you are about to achieve it.
  • Darkness was created to remind us that we can always find light.
  • Fight your fears or they will stand in your way.

Never give up Quotes

  • Even if you find people on the way who are not willing to believe in you, do not feel bad and continue.
  • When you feel that you can no longer; breathe and let life surprise you.
  • Remember that in the hardest moments warriors form.
  • Work hard even when you no longer have the strength to do it.
  • May the world be perplexed to see the constancy with which you fight for your dreams.
  • Suffering builds strong people.
  • Teach your mind that it is forbidden to surrender.
  • The scars are memories of the battles that life has presented us and that have been captured in our skin
  • Remember that if you don’t give up, with effort and dedication you can reach the top.
  • Work hard to show those who don’t believe in you how far you can go.
  • Your biggest lie is that I won’t be able to do it.
  • If you convinced your mind that it cannot give up, you already have.
  • Why will you give up if you haven’t shown half your potential?
  • Stamina is the key to not giving up.
  • It does not matter that others do not consider you strong, but it is essential that you believe it.
  • Never settle for stopping the course of your dreams just because you don’t have anyone to believe in it.
  • You can win, grow and succeed even in times when you doubt yourself.
  • Negativity will prevent you from getting as far into life as you want.
  • May the world never rob you of the strength you need to achieve your goals.

Quotes of not giving up on love

  • Love is not impossible, you can find it.
  • You also deserve that blue prince who steals your smiles, do not doubt that at some point life will surprise you.
  • I know you have had many failures in love, but trust that you can get one that takes over your heart.
  • Safe is what takes the longest.
  • Differences are not an impediment to two people who truly love each other.
  • Whoever loves you does not exchange a minute of their time for anything other than being close to you.
  • Not even distance can break the ties that bind these passionate hearts.
  • I know that life put you next to another person, but I do not lose the hopes of dawn at your side.
  • My dream is to wake up with you every morning and I do not lose hope that this is so.
  • Your love gives me the strength I need to not give up.
  • I will stay here in silence, without getting tired and with a smile, waiting for you to see me.
  • I will fight for your love every day of my life, for nothing in the world do I want to lose you.
  • That you love me is my main goal in life and my parents taught me to fight for them.

Quotes never give up

  • Taking risks is the first step to succeed.
  • How beautiful that your success takes all those people who did not believe in you by surprise.
  • If you give up, do not cry later for what you did not achieve.
  • Never give up, falls will only make you big, strong.
  • Don’t get tired of doing what you like. Even without knowing it, that is what gives your soul meaning.
  • A failure does not mean that you will not succeed, so get up and pursue your dreams.
  • When you feel that you are losing energy, remember what gives you the strength to live.
  • If you live to please others, you will be left without strength, because nobody will ever agree with what you do.
  • Life is too short to give up before it’s over.
  • Don’t get tired of competing with your own potential, it is the surest way to improve yourself.
  • Strive like you never have and you will go further than you have imagined.
  • If you have made a mistake do not be discouraged and follow after each one of your dreams.
  • Don’t expect life to present you with opportunities, fight and go after them.
  • Don’t give up on the things you love, they are the force that drives you to grow.
  • Fight that the goal is closer than you now imagine.

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