Poems for Mothers Day 2021 (Dedicate Beautiful & Short Poems)

happy mothers day poems
happy mothers day poems

The most important women in the life of every human being is mom, that person who not only gives us life, but also teaches us to live, dream and fly.

Therefore, there is a date marked on the calendar to dedicate beautiful words to her and give her nice gifts. There are no more beautiful words than those that can be dedicated in the form of verses and poems, that’s why here we leave you with many ideas of poems for Mother’s Day 2021 that will fascinate you which can be dedicate from kids, daughter, husband and to sisters, grandmas and mother in law.

Any day of the year is a special date when it comes to paying tribute to mom, that’s why you are surely looking for the most beautiful poems with which to show her all the love you keep for her. Consequently, in this section we share an extensive selection of beautiful poems.

Mothers Day Poems

To my mother (Edda Aguilera de Arce)

Through the blue fields
my mother was
transparent and diaphanous
as an April afternoon.
Tearing a cloud,
I saw her like a goddess,
more beautiful than the dawn,
more beautiful than the flower.
Her eyes, looking at me,
radiated sweetness,
and she extended her arms to me
with infinite tenderness.
I could not contain myself, I
called her pleading:
Mother, mother, I told her
! My loving mother…!
The sobs choked me,
ran down my face
and the parched earth moistened.
“Do not cry, my daughter
– I heard her say-
Do not cry, my daughter,
trouble my heart”
I saw
her face cloud for a moment
and I was very afraid to
see it disappear.
! Oh, mother, holy mother!
I don’t want to see you sad,
all I want
is to go there with you.
Well, I know that they are the mothers,
love of loves,
the guardian angels
and the heart of God.

The best mom in infinity (Anonymous)

It may seem exaggerated, but depending on the point of view,
for me you are the best mother, but I do not exaggerate
because you were the one who taught me how to handle in life
what rules to follow and which ones to break,
you taught me to understand and you gave me the tool more important
for life is my education and I will appreciate that.

Mom (Luciana Carelli)

It was dark …
Only the ray of light from your eyes.
You taught me to breathe
and your insides caressed my fragile body.
I dreamed of colors
and imagined you beautiful, it
was nine months in a pink world.
I grew up little by little with your heat,
fed me with your caresses
and phrases of love.
The moment was coming I
was going to meet you, I
was very protected
with fear of losing you …
There was light
one morning in February,
Mom, there you were,
as wonderful and as sweet
as I had imagined.
I learned over time
and in my dangerous adventures
from each of your tips
valued in every act
of my nineteen years,
and dreaming every time
I am far away,
with your words
that surround my experiences
and intimidate the fears
of my youth.

Mom (Anonymous)

I want to thank
you for being in my life.
I know that I can count on you
in difficult moments,
I know that with you I can
share my joys,
and I know that our friendship
is sustained by mutual love.
That you are my MOM and my FRIEND
is the most precious treasure,
that I will thank GOD eternally.
Thank you for filling my life
with such happiness.
I love you mama!

Dear Mom (Anonymous)

Mom, how happy to have you by my side,
you who knew how to give me
all my love and guide me through life.
You who gave your time
to make us grow
with patience and love.
Mom let me guide you now
along the path of my path,
let me show my world with love and courage.
Mom, although I can never repay you
for so much love,
I give you my complete love
and I will teach you everything I knew.
Thank you mom for being with me,
may GOD bless you eternally.

Poems for My Mother

Mothers and their immense love have been the center of attention in hundreds of poems written in many languages, by renowned poets and by others less known. If you want to take a look at some of these poems, read the ones that we show you below and that are the result of the pen of Miguel de Unamuno, Fernando Botero and other writers of the world.

The Mother (Jesús Orta Ruiz “El Indio Naborí”)

The Mother feels a deep and disinterested love
A winged body would be directed for a superior flight
It grows together with the pain, before the sin it meditates
It is that infinite force that the pain does not consume
Rose that is given in perfume, until after it withers.

Mother (Fernando Botero)

Mother, from the distance of your glory
blessings frequently come to me,
and infantile fragments of prayers
that soften the skin of memory.
Your spirit is a migratory bird
that leaves the placid regions,
to cover with winged protections
the son, who stumbles upon his history.
In this way, as long ago, when I was little
with my lamentations I disturbed your sleep
and you sacrificed everything for my luck;
just like when you brought me into the world:
kiss me tenderly if I am sad
and lull me to the hour of death!

My great love (Anonymous)

The greatest love of my life,
The most sincere love of life,
The most delicate love in life,
It is the love that never withers.
Like yours, my mother,
It is bigger because it is never forgotten,
The most sincere because it is the only true one,
The most delicate because it is scratched and hurt
Your love, my mother, is the love that would never forget,
I would not forget it, because it would How to forget my life,
But I couldn’t forget, thanks to that word
So simple, love, yes love, my mother…

The best mom in the universe (Emiliano Hernández)

You are a great mom,
you do everything you can for me,
with your advice I know that I will succeed,
you help me much more than you should.
You are the best mom in the universe,
you know very well that I, I love you very much,
and although these only seem like verses and verses to you, they
express that my love for you reaches to heaven.
This mothers day I want to tell you,
that I will always receive you with love,
for being my adored and dear mother,
that every day is more beautiful.
Mommy, it took me a long time to write this poem,
I love you even if it sometimes causes problems,
but what matters is that you enjoy this day,
and that you do it with great joy.

Mother take me to bed (Miguel de Unamuno)

Mother, take me to bed, I don’t have to stand up.
Come, son, God bless you and don’t let yourself fall.
Don’t go on my side, sing me sing that one.
My mother sang it to me; I forgot about it
when I pressed you to my breasts with you, I remembered it.
What does singing say, my mother, what does that one say?
He does not say, my son, pray, pray honey words;
he says dreamy words that say nothing without her.
Are you here, my goodness? because I can’t see you …
I’m here, with your dream; sleep, my son, in faith.

Short Mothers Day Poems

To express love to the mother many words are not necessary, because they value any message that their children tell them if they perceive that it is loaded with sincerity and sincere affection. Precisely for this reason, in this section we have compiled short poems for mom, small verses full of true love and written by poets such as Gabriela Mistral, Andrés Eloy Blanco and others.

Sweetness (Gabriela Mistral)

My dear mother, tender mother,
let me tell you extreme sweetnesses.
Yours is my body that you gathered in a bouquet;
let it stir on your lap.
You play to be leaf and I to be dew:
and in your crazy arms have me suspended.
My little mother, all my world,
let me tell you the highest love .

Dear Mommy (Valeria Cartes)

Mommy dear, you are the most beautiful,
you are the best thing that has happened in my life,
I wish you many flowers in your day,
and that’s why I say to you: happy day, mommy!

The return to the mother (Andrés Eloy Blanco)

When I miss my shoulders, my mother, the force;
When I arrive near the furrow where they sow me;
when even the slightest eddy twists me
and the weight of my soul bends me …
your memory, that diamond bundle,
will always remain firm on my dead shoulders,
because in all my sorrows, Love is a giant
and affection is a Hercules with open arms!

Mañanitas a madre (Anonymous)

Very early in the morning, before the sun came
up , I woke up because asleep, I was already singing this song,
that there is music in your day, little flowers, light and sun,
and that you know that I love you, with all my heart.

Happy Mothers Day (Anonymous)

Mother, you are the light of my existence,
beacon without equal in my living. You are your love song,
which sprouts in bloom, your heart will never be measured.
Mother like you, no one will ever be, my sweet stillness you will be,
and for that, little mother, today I come to say
this prayer that carries my gratitude in it.

For you this rose (Jesica Kristine Hayes Bernhard)

For you this rose.
Although it is not the most precious,
I give it to you with much love
so that you love me without fear.
The rose
a beautiful flower
is my heart.
with a beautiful color.
It warms my soul
with a cozy fire.
You, mom, will
always be,
and will have,
my heart.
I am that rose
that needs your care
and beautiful love!

The Rosary of my Mother (Salvador Rueda)

Where you put your fingers when praying,
like someone praying to God before the sanctuary,
in my lonely sick hours
I put the kisses you gave me.

Caresses (Gabriela Mistral)

Mother, mother, you kiss me, but I kiss you more.
Like the water in the crystals, my kisses fall on your face …
I have kissed you so much, so much that you are from my cover
and the swarm of my kisses does not let you even look …

Famous Mother Day Poems

The famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda not only wrote romantic love and heartbreak, but he also composed some poems for mothers. As proof of this, here we leave you two of his best-known works and which are ideal to dedicate to mom on her day, this is La mamadre y Amor.

The mother

The mother comes around,
with wooden clogs. Last night
the pole wind blew,
the roofs broke ,
the walls and bridges fell , it
howled the whole night with its pumas,
and now, in the morning
of freezing sun,
my mother arrives , Doña
Trinidad Marverde,
sweet as the shy freshness
of the sun in stormy regions,
nightlight and fading,
for everyone to see the way.

Oh sweet mother
I could never
say stepmother,
my mouth trembles to define you,
I just opened my understanding
I saw goodness dressed in a poor dark cloth,
the most useful sanctity:
that of water and flour,
and that was it: life made you bread
and there we consumed you,
long winter to desolate winter
with leaks inside
the house
and your humility ubiquitous
the rough
grain of poverty
as if you had been
a river of diamonds.

Oh mom, how could I
live without reminding you of
every minute of mine?
It’s not possible. I carry
your Marverde in my blood,
the surname
of the bread that is distributed,
of those
sweet hands
that they cut from the flour sack
the underpants of my childhood,
from which I cooked, ironed, washed,
sowed, calmed the fever,
and when everything was done,
I could already hold on with my feet safe,
it was gone, accomplished, dark ,
to the small coffin
where for the first time it was idle
in the harsh rain of Temuco.


Woman, I would have been your son, for drinking
the milk from your breasts like a spring,
for looking at you and feeling you by my side and having you
in the golden laughter and the crystal voice.
For feeling you in my veins like God in the rivers
and worshiping you in the sad bones of dust and lime,
because your being passed without pain next to me
and came out in the stanza – clean of all evil.

How would I know how to love you, woman, how would I know how to
love you, love you as no one ever knew!
Die and still love you more.
And still love you more and more.

Poems for Happy Mother’s Day 2021

In many countries around the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated, a date to honor this beautiful being without whom our life would have no meaning.

The holiday has a different date depending on the country, for example in USA it is celebrate it on the first Sunday of May but in most countries it is celebrated a week later. Regardless of the country you are in, these poems will surely delight your mom.

God gave me my mother (Judith Bond)

God wanted me to learn some things:
That the soft touch begets joy
That compassion and kindness are very valuable
That the strong hand also helps us
That from sweetness comes strength
That there is great power in caress
This is how love shows one to the other
And for that reason, God gave me … my Mother.

Eternal Love ( Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)

The sun may cloud forever;
The sea can dry up in an instant;
The axis of the earth may break
like a weak crystal.
It will all happen!
Will death cover me with its funeral crepe;
the flame of your love can never be extinguished in me .

Poem to my mother (Anonymous)

Mother, you are the flower that has been born in my garden
more beautiful than a jasmine for your wonderful color.
I remember you with love because for me you have been,
of the world the most beloved of my life, the most beautiful,
the most beautiful of the roses in my flowered garden.

My Mother (Juan B. Huyka)

My God, what a joy to
think that I have you.
Although absent,
my soul feels your presence with me
, my Mother, what a joy to
think that you are with me;
To think that your voice heard, to
think that you love me very much
and that you will always love me.

To my mother on this special day (Anonymous)

Because you are special, understanding and loving,
a sweet angel who accompanies me day by day,
and supports me when I most desire it.
Today I dedicate these lines to you,
to show you how special you are to me,
thank you for being my guide,
and the light in the midst of my storms.
Happy mothers day

Dedicate beautiful poems to mom on her day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in practically every corner of the world, and it is a day whose meaning is related to valuing the importance of the woman who not only gave birth to a child but who cares for it, feeds, caresses, guides and advises.

Historically, on this day, children give their mother presents such as letters and postcards, as well as many kisses and hugs. In addition, it is the best day of the year to dedicate a song to it or recite some beautiful poems for mothers like the ones we just left you in this article and that you can learn by heart to share with yours or give it to them as part of your gift.