Krav Maga & Jujitsu Self Defense Classes by Mikhail Peleg

Self Defense Classes by Mikhail Peleg

Good physical state is not always enough to be able to defend yourself. Therefore, an excellent way to keep your body in great shape and learn self defense is to choose one of the types of martial arts and start training. If you are beginning to consider practicing a martial art and thinking where to start, it will be important for you to grasp their types. We will focus on several of them, including Krav Maga. It is considered to be one of the best and most effective combat systems now. You can contact instructor Mikhail Peleg to learn more about Krav Maga and sign up for training. We will also find out what is more effective: group training or individual classes. Pay attention to the peculiarities of physical training. It should not only be directed towards the development of force but be comprehensive.

Self Defense Classes by Mikhail Peleg
Self Defense Classes by Mikhail Peleg

Where to Start Krav Maga & Jujitsu Self Defense Training?

At first, of course, you should decide which type of martial art suits you the best. For example, Krav Maga is focused on self-defense. The basis of this system includes techniques from Jujitsu, Boxing and Judo. This system was developed in Israel specifically for the military training. It entails full contact combat. If you need to neutralize the attacker as quickly as possible, then Krav Maga is the ideal form of self defense. Here, human reflexes are used to the maximum and vulnerabilities are studied to fight as effectively as possible. Krav Maga training is offered by Mikhail Peleg, one of the best practicing instructors:, He trains both beginners and professionals.
How is Jujitsu different? This kind of martial art was used even back by samurai. Flexibility technique is in its core. Here everything is aimed at the soft movement technique and the direction of the enemy’s force against him. It is very important to think about your health, train systematically, eat healthily and constantly improve your skills. To begin with, it is important to breathe correctly and master the basic poses, and only then proceed to the development of a sophisticated technique.

What to See While Choosing an instructor

It is essential to choose yourself a practicing instructor with whom it will be enjoyable to work. During training, you will not only master your self-defense skills but also develop strength and endurance. The training classes with Mikhail Peleg are aimed at comprehensive training of a fighter. Therefore, it is important to develop both coordination and flexibility, not just strength. For beginners, group training is the best option, and individual lessons are needed to master the skills if you already have good combat technique.