Jaime Sabines Famous Quotes About Love

Jaime Sabines quotes
Jaime Sabines quotes

Delight yourself with the most beautiful Quotes of Jaime Sabines, one of the most famous Mexican poets who dedicated himself to writing to love.


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Jaime Sabines Quotes about love

  • You have me in your hands and you read to me the same as a book. You know what I don’t know and you tell me the things I don’t tell myself.
  • In what place, where, what hours will you tell me I love you? This is urgent because eternity is running out.
  • Love is the finest silence, the most trembling, the most unbearable.
  • I will follow your steps up, from your feet to your thigh and your side.
  • I love you, yes, I love you: but as I love you, words become unnecessary to me.
  • Love unites bodies.
  • And I love you like this: mine, but yours at the same time.
  • Don’t put love in my hands like a dead bird.
  • Love is the finest silence.

Jaime Sabines short Quotes

  • A piece of moonlight in your pocket is a better charm than a rabbit’s foot.
  • Then I understood that you should not live the poet, but the man.
    Your soul is like the skin of old men.
  • Perhaps leaving is sad … But without leaving there is no going back.
  • You are like my house, you are like my death, my love.
  • Behold, everything comes, everything passes, everything, everything ends.
  • Trees wait: don’t wait, this is the time to live, the only one.
  • Now give me your mouth: I want to eat it with your smile.
  • Take my head. Cut my neck. Nothing remains of me after this love.
  • There is no need to cry death, it is better to celebrate life.
  • I want to eat with you, be with, love with you, want to touch you, see you.

Thoughts of Jaime Sabines

  • To die is to withdraw, to step aside, to hide for a moment, to be still, to pass the air from one shore to nothing and to be secret everywhere.
  • Poetry occurs as an accident, a hit, an infatuation, a crime; It happens daily, alone, when the heart of man begins to think about life.
  • I realized that I had to revolutionize; learn new things so I don’t fall behind. I realized and rebelled.
  • I am terribly alone. I need you. I can no longer defend myself against your absence and my loneliness.
  • Because you are different from all women, in your body, in your walk, in what you are to my eyes, in what you suggest to my heart.

Short poems by Jaime Sabines

  • Not that I die of love, I die of you. I die of you, love, of love of you, of urgency of my skin of you, of my soul, of you and of my mouth and of the unbearable that I am without you.
  • Stand up, skeletons! We have smiles for charms. Let’s enter the dance, in the basins the eyes of hope!
  • The loving ones begin to sing between their lips a song not learned, and they go crying, crying, the beautiful life.
  • I love you from the corner post, from the carpet of that room alone, on the warm sheets of your body where poppy water sleeps.
  • Is it okay with you for just a week? It is not much, nor is it little, it is enough.

Famous Quotes of Jaime Sabines

  • Have you seen a gesture of tenderness on the face of a sleeping madman?
  • When you feel like dying, don’t make such a fuss: die and go.
  • Someone spoke to me every day of my life in my ear, slowly, slowly He said: live, live, live! It was death.
  • You know how I tell you that I love you when I say: “how hot is it”, “give me water”, “do you know how to drive?”, “It got dark” …
  • I repeat your name, I say it again, I say it tirelessly, and I am sure it will be dawn.
  • I should have found you ten years before or ten years later … but you were on time.
  • Me here, writing to you. You there, erasing yourself.
  • Love is perpetual extension, always the next step, the other, the other.
  • If you take your eyes out and wash them in the purest water of crying, why not put your heart in the air, in the sun, for a while?

Who Was Jaime Sabines?

Jaime Sabines (1926-1999) is a Mexican poet especially recognized for his works of love, in fact, there is not a romance addict who has not read any of his writings or is not aware of at least one of his memories. quotes.

However, not only did he dedicate himself to writing poetry, but he was also an essayist and even a politician, reaching the position of deputy supported by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), in which he was a militant.

As a curious fact, we tell you that Sabines entered the university to study medicine, but in a short time he discovered that his true vocation was literature, so he changed his career, making the latter the most important thing in his life.

Thanks to his impeccable career as a poet, he became deserving of a large number of awards and recognitions both within and outside of Mexico.

Today, and despite his death in 1999, Sabines is still one of the most important writers in Mexico, in fact, according to critics, he is on the list of the greatest poets of that country among all those who were born in the 20th century.

Love, the main theme that Sabines wrote about

Sabines himself went on to affirm that his penchant for poetry was inherited from his father, and although he came to touch on several themes in his works, most of his writings have a central theme: love.

But he didn’t write about love like any other would, instead he did it in his own way: direct, sincere, profound, visceral, impulsive and very realistic. Jaime Sabines wrote love for what it is, a feeling that tears, disarms and asks us to surrender with madness. In short, he wrote to what must be true love between two beings who love each other completely.

If you are a hopeless romantic or you are in love, we know that the quotes and verses of Jaime Sabines that we compiled in this entry liked you.