Happy Easter 2021 Wishes & Quotes to Share with Your Loved Ones

Happy Easter 2020 Wishes & Quotes to Share with Your Loved Ones
Happy Easter 2020 Wishes & Quotes to Share with Your Loved Ones

Check out this selection of Easter wishes and quotes for year 2021 to think about on this very special date and share it with the people you love!

Easter is a very special date. For Christian religious, this date means the rebirth of Christ, so it is time for renewal, peace and sharing love. In any case, even those who do not have such beliefs, there is no one who does not feel the power that this date transmits and there is also no one who does not waste his time on sweets. Who doesn’t love chocolate, right?

Short Easter Quotes

  • May Jesus be in everyone’s heart this Easter!
  • Easter: resurrection of love and the will to be happy.
  • Easter is love, fraternity and unity.
  • Easter renews our feeling of love, brotherhood, compassion …
  • Lots of almonds and chocolates for everyone, with happy Easter wishes.
  • I want to take this time to say that your friendship is very special to me. Happy Easter!
  • Easter is time to celebrate life and renew the spirit.
  • May all sadness revolt, become happiness and may peace never abandon us. Happy Easter!

Easter Quotes to Think About

  • Easter is not just a day for eating chocolates, but for remembering the example of the one who died and rose to leave us the most important lesson: love!
  • Easter is not a day for eating chocolates, but for celebrating the life and resurrection of the one who died to save us!
  • When I open your Easter egg, I hope you will find a bonbon of love, another of health and a third filled with hope. Happy Easter!
  • Easter is not just about remembering Christ’s death and sacrifice, but it is also a celebration of joy and victory for his resurrection.
  • In the resurrection of Christ we find the true meaning for our lives and the certainty that it is never too late for a new beginning. Happy Easter!
  • Receive this Easter: eggs of joy, chocolates of harmony, chocolates of peace, lollipops of love, candies of happiness and sweet health. Happy Easter!
  • This is a time of peace, love and family celebration. Happy Easter and may gratitude and hope be renewed in our hearts!
  • Even though this year he cannot be with us at the table, you will certainly be in our hearts. Have a happy Easter.

Easter Bunny Quotes

  • Easter is saying yes to love and life, investing in fraternity, fighting for a better world, experiencing solidarity!
  • May the bunny bring much more than chocolate eggs … May he bring you much peace, love, health, happiness, understanding and affection. Happy Easter!
  • The crisis is so bad that I asked: “Easter Bunny, what do you bring for me?” He visualized, didn’t respond and even blocked me.
  • The Easter Bunny comes to warn us that Jesus is alive in our hearts.
  • The Easter Bunny comes to wish you, in addition to chocolate, a lot of happiness.
  • Happy Easter! May the bunny also bring good feelings to our hearts!
  • May the Easter Bunny bring you peace, love and lots of chocolate.
  • May the bunny bring a cheaper egg this year!

Funny Easter Quotes

  • 80 bucks an Easter egg!? What’s in it? A Gold?
  • Trickster is the rabbit that fills you with chocolate and stays only in the carrot!
  • I was going to lose weight … but then Easter came!
  • May chocolates and almonds not distract us from the true meaning of Easter!
  • “Easter bunny, what did you bring to me?” Endless works, studies and tests.
  • I am already doing the math and … at Easter it will have to be a chicken egg.
  • I don’t know if I buy an Easter egg or an apartment facing the sea.
  • Hello friends! Moving on to remember that I’m already accepting Easter eggs.

Religious Easter Quotes

  • Have a Happy Easter! Celebrate with joy and peace the resurrection of Jesus with those you love.
  • May this Easter Jesus be reborn in our hearts, renewing love and hope in them.
  • May this faith be refreshed this Easter by the certainty that Christ is risen and is among us. Happy Easter!
  • Christ’s resurrection is further proof that love and life are eternal.
  • Jesus Christ is risen and lives in the heart of each one of us, that’s why we celebrate. Happy Easter my friends!
  • God dwell in your constant interior and can make your life a time of joy. Happy Easter!
  • Resurrection, cry of the risen Christ. God who is life and who calls us to life. Life that will never end.
  • May communion and peace be abundant in your hearts. Happy Easter!

Beautiful Easter Wishes

  • Easter has brought a message of peace, hope and renewed love. Happy Easter!
  • Easter is the perfect time to reflect on our actions and focus more on positive feelings like love for others.
  • May all struggles be peaceful and all harmony be constant. Happy Easter!
  • To enjoy Easter is to live in harmony with the world, people and make faith the greatest inspiration.
  • Happy Easter! I wish you an Easter with a taste of peace, love and fraternity.
  • Easter brings a message of peace, hope and love every year. Happy Easter!
  • Easter is time to rejoice and give thanks for the gift of life, love and joy … Have a blessed day. Happy Easter!
  • Easter is a reason for reflection and deep renewal in our hearts!
  • Easter is the renewal of life and with it the hope of a better world. I wish you a Happy Easter!
  • May the spirit of Easter be with us every day of the year. Happy Easter!