Funny & Humorous Love Quotes

Funny Love Quotes
Funny Love Quotes

In this article we have for you the most creative humorous love Quotes because there is nothing better than giving a relationship its touch of humor. And it is that being in love makes us fly, feel butterflies in our stomach, laugh like fools and act like crazy.


  • Funny Quotes of love
  • Funny Quotes of love
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Funny Quotes of love

  • Life is better with your presence, although home food now lasts less.
  • With your love my senses awaken because only you shake me like an earthquake.
  • For my birthday put a bow on your forehead … Because I want you as a gift.
  • For your love I fight even with a lion, I will lose, but I will defend you.
  • Nothing like your smell every morning when you wake up, although sometimes I go to sleep again.
  • I love that you’re the one who cooks me, even if the spaghetti and rice are crispy.
  • How wonderful it is that your toothbrush is already in my bathroom, even though you prefer to use mine.
  • Having your kisses is like a drug … It elevates me.
  • Yours and mine is from another world, did you raise the glasses of the flying saucer?

Funny Quotes of love

  • My day is happy to receive a message of “I love you” from you, although I do not know why it says “forwarded”.
  • The distance will never be able to with our love … The mobile signal, perhaps.
  • I love that you have that crazy touch, but I also love you if you take the pills.
  • That look of yours bewitches me, seduces me, makes me fall in love, makes me nervous … You better not look at me that much.
  • May love and passion live and routine and reluctance die, so we may last longer than expected.
  • If love knocks on your door, offer him coffee and invite him to stay, if he accepts it is the one.
  • When you find that special someone you are looking for, please do not minimize it as an advertisement.
  • Happiness is having you next to me, however, sometimes it is also if you are further away.

Cool Quotes of love

  • My jealousy is not insecurity, rather it is insurance so that no one comes near you.
  • Before you I didn’t know what true love is, I only knew about soccer.
  • You are so important to me that I even let my dog ​​die for giving you all my attention.
  • Because you love me is that my life has meaning, only sometimes it is upside down.
  • You are like the milk of coffee with milk … Simply indispensable for me.
  • Nothing will come between your mouth and mine, so I will remove my nose.
  • If Cupid throws dates of love, he even hit us with a bow.
  • Your love will be like my best clothes … He will go with me to the grave.
  • Nothing like seeing you smile at my life, with everything and that piece of food in your teeth.

Funny love poems

  • My heart is clouded, for your love it has darkened, you have not even looked at me or even heard me.
  • Every morning with you is a dream come true, having coffee together even if you haven’t combed your hair.
  • The carrot is long, the onion comes in rings, what shapes my life are your light brown eyes.
  • You are the moon of my night and the shadow of my day, no matter what I need you will be my company.
  • Blue is the sky, green are the plants, telling you that I love you does not describe all my desire.
  • When I met you, my whole life took a turn, it turned me upside down and I stayed there, begging that in one shot your splendid beauty would take another turn.
  • That beautiful face adorned by your beautiful hair, makes this fool fall in love and leaves him tongue out.
  • If the flowers are sad with the rain they rejoice, so is my heart when I see that you finally arrive.

Humorous love poems

  • Together you and I always, although the world bothers, nothing affects us what their poor minds devise.
  • The flame of love for you is kept alive, warm this fool from below to above.
  • Every hug you give me would like it to be infinite, your tenderness gives me peace and I don’t need anything else.
  • Your beautiful lips, the whiteness of your teeth, as if I were a canary in your hands you already have me.
  • There is nothing better than hearing that you love me, only by kissing you the sensation compares.
  • I made my heart like a stone so that no one would open it, but you came with your charm and my effort was useless.
  • As a chicken stew accompanied with chili, my life gained in flavor when I saw you with my eyes.
  • If your love were a mirror and your kisses a brush, to look at me I would stay and shake my hair senseless.
  • As a candle I melt when you kiss me on the mouth, I can only smile because I fear you are crazy.
  • Love is a rough sea I want to jump into without lifeguards.

Comic Quotes of love

  • Every second I spend without you is like an hour in the bank.
  • If you knew all the time that you are in my mind you would realize why the day does not make me.
  • I want you by my side, despite your family.
  • The love you give me is the engine of my life, that’s why I’m broken.
  • Thanks to your love I understood the value of living, now I am a millionaire.
  • Your smile illuminates my walk, my love, even though sometimes so much light leaves me blind.
  • Coffee and bread a good afternoon accompany, but everything is better if I know that your arms and your lips miss mine.
  • I love you not because I have no choice, but because you are the remedy for my ills.

Now you have what it takes to say what you feel and brighten up your partner’s life with these fun and funny Quotes of love. Share them with the person you love and express your love differently than usual.