Eduardo Galeano Quotes

Eduardo Galeano Quotes
Eduardo Galeano Quotes

If you have ever read “The Open Veins of Latin America”, “The Book of Embraces” or “Memory of Fire”, then you will love reading the best sentences by Eduardo Galeano, the Uruguayan writer considered one of the most important intellectuals of the twentieth century.

Galeano’s pen was awarded with numerous prizes and recognitions, for being the source of innumerable beautiful and realistic quotes like the ones we leave you below.


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Eduardo Galeano Quotes to reflect on

  • After all, we are what we do to change who we are.
  • Violence breeds violence, as is known; but it also generates profits for the violence industry, which sells it as a spectacle and makes it an object of consumption ».
  • There is a single place where yesterday and today they meet and recognize and embrace each other. That place is tomorrow.
  • Scientists say we are made of atoms, but a little bird told me that we are made of stories.
  • Poor against poor, as usual: poverty is too short a blanket, and each one throws himself.
  • Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.

Eduardo Galeano Quotes of love

  • And there was nothing wrong, and there was nothing strange that my heart had been broken from so much use.
  • Hopefully we can have the courage to be alone, and the courage to risk being together.
  • Take me, Lady, the clothes and the doubts. Undress me, undress me.
  • I tell you to love yourself, to take care of yourself, to protect yourself, to pamper yourself, to sit down, to love yourself, to enjoy yourself. I tell you that I love you, I take care of you, I protect you, I pamper you, I feel you, I love you, I enjoy you.
  • It looked like they were about to fall, but no: when she stumbled, he was holding her; when he wobbled, she would straighten him up… Gripping each other, glued to each other in the swings of the world.

Eduardo Galeano Quotes about education

  • Teaching is teaching to doubt.
  • Cult is not the one who reads the most books. Worship is one who is capable of listening to the other.
  • There has never been such a concentration of economic resources and scientific and technological knowledge dedicated to the production of death.
  • Free are those who believe, not those who copy, and free are those who think, not those who obey.

Eduardo Galeano Quotes about life

  • Utopia is on the horizon. I walk two steps, she goes two steps away and the horizon runs ten steps further. So, for what does the utophy works? For that, it is good for walking.
  • Who is not imprisoned by need, is imprisoned by fear: some do not sleep because of the anxiety of having the things they do not have, and others do not sleep because of the panic of losing the things they have.
  • Each person shines with his own light among all the others. There are not two equal fires. There are big fires and small fires and fires of all colors.
  • If I fell it’s because I was walking. And walk worth, although you fall.
  • In a world of plastic and noise, I want to be of mud and silence.

Eduardo Galeano Quotes about friendship

  • I write for friends I don’t know yet. Those I know are tired of listening to me.
  • You have no enemies? How not? Did you never tell the truth, nor did you ever love justice?
  • I like thinking people, who do not separate reason from the heart. Who feels and thinks at the same time. Without divorcing the head from the body, nor the emotion of reason.
  • As you see, I’m screwed for wanting. I know it is not enough. There are many of us who walk with spoiled affection, but you have to have the courage to get it inside with spoilages and everything.

Poems by Eduardo Galeano

The little death

Love does not make us laugh when it reaches the depths of its journey,
at the top of its flight: deep, high,
it makes us moan and moan, voices of pain, even if it is joyous pain,
There is nothing strange when you think about it,
because being born is a joy that hurts.
Little Death, in France they call the culmination of the embrace,
that breaking us together and losing us finds us
and finishing us it begins.
Little Death, they call it; but big,
It must be very great, if by killing us it is born.

Window on a woman

That woman is a secret house.
In its corners, it keeps voices and hides ghosts.
On winter nights, it smokes.
Whoever enters it, they say, never leaves again.
I cross the deep moat that surrounds it. In that house I will be inhabited.
In it awaits the wine that will drink me.
Very softly I knock on the door, and wait.

Facts about Eduardo Galeano that maybe you did not know

On September 3, 1940, Eduardo Germán María Hughes Galeano, who became one of the most outstanding intellectuals, writers, and journalists in America, was born in Montevideo (Uruguay).

But did you know that before being known all over the world he held various trades, from worker to painter? So it was, until in 1960 he formally ventured into journalism.

However, the highlight of his career was writing. Although he published his first work in 1962 (The following days), it was not until 1971 that he reached the peak of his popularity by publishing The Open Veins of Latin America, possibly his most important creation.

Throughout his life, Eduardo Galeano defended the ideas of the left, and was one of the main figures of this ideology on the continent. This caused him to be imprisoned in 1973 during the military coup in Uruguay, which led him to exile in Argentina.

Eduardo Galeano’s ideas in his sentences

The ideas that Galeano highlighted in his more than 40 written works have to do with politics, social causes, injustices, poverty, contradictions of the world, utopia, history, anti-imperialism, and sometimes even love. His texts showed an immense love for the land and the Latin American people, who according to himself has been a victim of the power of the United States.

You probably noticed that in Eduardo Galeano’s famous quotes that we have shown you in this article, these and many other ideas of this great character are present.