40 Happy Easter Wishes Messages for Friends & Family

40 Happy Easter Wishes Messages for Friends & Family
40 Happy Easter Wishes Messages for Friends & Family

We made a list of Happy Easter wishes messages for friends & family to wish them not to lack faith and many blessings that day. Check out!

The spirit of Easter is one of joy, harmony and much love. So, take advantage of this date to convey good feelings to the people you love and remember the meaning of this celebration, the resurrection of Christ.

Easter Wishes Messages for Friends & Family

  • Happy Easter! I hope the bunny brings you much joy, peace and love for you and your whole family.
  • May the joy of Christ’s resurrection be in your heart today and forever. Happy Easter!
  • Easter is a time to rejoice and give thanks for the gift of life, love and joy. Happy Easter friends!
  • I wish you a sweet and happy Easter with special people who brighten your life.
  • May this Easter have many sweets in your life … The sweet smile of those who love you, the sweet joy of having bread on your table and the sweet hope of a future of peace and prosperity. Happy Easter!

50 Easter phrases to share with your loved ones

  • May the bunny bring you much more than chocolate eggs. Also bring love, health, happiness, understanding and affection. Happy Easter friend!
  • May the spirit of Easter be with us every day of the year. Happy Easter!
  • Easter is the perfect time to focus on positive feelings like love for others. So today I come to tell you how important you are to me, friend!
  • Friend, may the Lord’s blessings be on you this Easter Sunday. I wish you faith, peace and much joy!
  • This Easter, in addition to chocolate, I wish you much happiness, friends!
  • I wish your Easter is like you. Full of joy and love. Happy Easter friend!
  • Friend, I wish you prosperity, that the bunny is very generous and that Christ always protects you. Happy Easter!
  • Let your light shine before others. Happy Easter friend!
  • My friends, I wish you all a happy and sweet Easter, that our friendship is renewed and strengthened with each new day!
  • Easter means rebirth. Therefore, I wish the purest and most sincere feelings to be reborn in you. May Jesus enlighten you, friend!
  • I spent here to leave my affection. Happy Easter, dear friend!
  • Easter is a time to celebrate Christ’s love and triumph, but also to reflect, renew and change for the better, just as He taught us. Happy Easter friends!
  • Let us exalt the resurrection of Christ, our Savior, and let His love fill our hearts. Happy Easter!
  • This Easter open your heart and let faith and love make there an eternal home. Happy Easter friend!
  • Friends, you are immensely special. And I hope that Jesus’ surrender will be present in everyone’s memory on this wonderful Easter. Thanks for everything! Kisses and hugs.

53 Happy Easter Wishes to Share on Your Social Media

  • Easter is not a day for eating chocolates, but for celebrating the life and resurrection of the one who died to save us! Happy Easter friends!
  • Happy Easter friends! May the day, the life and the soul of all of you be sweet.
  • Let us take advantage of this time of love and peace to clean all traces of bad feelings and thoughts from our hearts. Happy Easter friends!
  • Friends, you are amazing people and next to each one I want to enjoy this date. May Christ and his word be present at our table, in our home. Happy Easter to everyone!
  • No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for those he loves. Happy Easter everyone!
  • As Christ taught, we must love our neighbor and cultivate true, authentic, genuine friendships. Thank you so much for your friendship, Happy Easter!
  • I wish that all the chocolates, hugs and congratulations you receive on this date, revert to a lot of health, peace and prosperity. Happy Easter friends!
  • I wish everyone a Happy Easter! May love and harmony be present in the heart of each one!
  • Today I asked the Lord to come by your house and pour out blessings on you and your family. Happy Easter my friend!
  • Happy Easter, friends! May the sweetness of that day continue for the rest of the year and let the bunny leave you a basket of happiness and love!
  • May all struggles be peaceful and that harmony be constant. Happy Easter friends!
  • Easter is rebirth, it is a new beginning, it is a symbol that reminds us that everything can be improved. Happy Easter friends!
  • Easter Bunny, what do you bring for me? Love, joy and endless friends! Thank you for your friendship, have an excellent Easter!
  • May communion and peace be abundant in our hearts. Happy Easter, dear friends!
  • Easter is saying yes to love and life, it is experiencing solidarity. Happy Easter friends!
  • May your Easter be a time of union and family celebration. Enjoy this moment, friend!
  • Easter is liberation, it is love and renewal of faith in our Lord. Happy Easter!
  • Just as Jesus triumphed over death, I wish happiness to triumph in your life forever. Happy Easter!
  • May your Easter joy be reborn this Easter. May the miracle of life enchant your heart. And may our friendship always be renewed. Happy Easter!
  • Jesus Christ is risen, that’s why we celebrate. Happy Easter friends!