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If you want the best bridal shower phrase ideas to share with your friend, then this article will help you a lot because here you will find the most beautiful and funny ones to dedicate to that special moment.


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Quotes for a bachelorette party

  • Better think twice … and up to three.
  • Today we celebrate your last night of freedom.
  • Let no one find out what happens tonight.
  • Tomorrow is the wedding, when the divorce?
  • Until today you are part of our select singles club.
  • Tonight is for enjoying, from tomorrow your boring life begins.
  • Today you can drink alcohol without limit, to see if we can change your mind.
  • You can take it, but be clear: returns are not accepted.
  • You will only have the memories of our crazy single life.
  • Let the wedding be tomorrow, one more day and repent.
  • We will celebrate the divorce in a big way.
  • I never thought you would carry out your suicidal thoughts.
  • What a surprise the naive poor man to whom you said yes will be.
  • Tonight is for dancing big time.
  • When you said “I want to get married,” I found out that you lost your mind.
  • You will miss even loneliness.
  • Our goal is to get her drunk so she doesn’t get to the wedding tomorrow.
  • Think about it. It will be forever.
  • I preferred that you didn’t risk it.
  • I thought you were crazy, when you said yes; confirm it.
  • Have you thought about how to get rid of it?
  • How far you left sanity.
  • You decide wrong, but we still love you.

Reflections for a bachelorette party

  • He took his time, and got the best.
  • We, your friends, will make sure you have a good time tonight.
  • Getting married is your responsibility, making you have a good time is mine.
  • Marriage opens doors to magical moments.
  • We hope you survive your bachelorette party.
  • We let you marry because we know that you will be well accompanied.
  • Marriage will not be the end of your joy.
  • Wish him all the luck in the world … he will need it.
  • You can get married but you are not going to get rid of us.
  • We hope you receive all the dose of happiness you deserve.
  • Take care everyone, future wife on the way.
  • Happy to support you in this important moment in your life.
  • You are great, I know your marriage will be a success.
  • I know that in your home peace and love will reign.
  • Don’t think about it too much, because you would change your mind.
  • Welcome to monotony.
  • We are here to provide you with comfort. Just kidding dear friend.
  • Enjoy love … while it lasts. Although we know it will be forever.
  • We come to give you support on this important day.

Words for a bachelorette party

  • Then don’t blame us.
  • I still think your other suitor was better.
  • So happy that you deserve to be and decided to get married.
  • In-laws are not accepted at this bachelorette party.
  • Let the divorce come quickly, we are waiting for you.
  • Singleness is better, you are on time.
  • Watch out, future wife present.
  • Are you sure you thought about it?
  • If you want I say no for you.
  • Are you completely sure that for him you want to lose your freedom?
  • I still wonder what could he offer you to convince you?
  • Think about it, you won’t be able to change your mother-in-law.
  • Today, love … tomorrow, nightmare.
  • I understand that you got tired of living well and that’s why you decided to get married.
  • Poor my dear friend, love blinded her.
  • Think about it, not getting married is the best.
  • Here we are as always, through thick and thin.
  • Goodbye freedom, nothing money can’t buy.
  • Our goal? May she see reason.
  • Don’t be afraid girls, I like risks.
  • It’s good that I’m pretty, because I don’t fall in love with cooking.
  • I said yes, someday I have to suffer.

Bachelorette party messages

  • We need another member for our singles club, the second in command is getting married.
  • Your disco nights are over.
  • Goodbye single and all that goes with it.
  • Don’t worry, we’ll remember you when we go to the clubs.
  • We have a plan: make you change your mind tonight.
  • So smart you looked and you said yes.
  • Here we will save your place in case you change your mind.
  • I know that when you cry at the wedding it will not be sadness but true happiness.
  • When you want to escape, here you will have us.
  • I just introduced him to you, but it’s not my fault that you fell in love.
  • We arrive first, your future husband to be expected.
  • Kidnapped girlfriend, by decision of her best friend.
  • Marriage: the only prison where some want to enter.
  • Did you think I wouldn’t come to your bachelorette party? There’s nothing a few free drinks can’t do.
  • Nothing like eating and drinking at my friends’ weddings.
  • When my friends get married, I think about what I’ve gotten rid of.
  • Are you sure you want to get where many want to go out?
  • If it is beautiful it is worth it, but this is not the case. So you better stay single.
  • Quiet, to err is human.

Beautiful Quotes for bachelorette party

  • The most serious of our friends marries us.
  • Now that you have a husband, don’t forget about us.
  • I know this will not be the end of our friendship.
  • May success accompany you also in this new stage of your life.
  • I know your love story will be forever.
  • We say goodbye to your singleness with a great party.
  • Happy beginning of a new life.
  • Never forget to fall in love with your husband as many times as possible.
  • May happiness be with you night and day.
  • I know that you will have the best accomplice of adventures that can exist.
  • How happy I am to see you so happy.
  • I know it is not perfect, but it is the one for you.
  • How well you will hear how many people call them “lady of …”.
  • How lucky is your future husband, he takes the best of all.
  • He trusted that in his hands you will be very happy.

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