Thanksgiving Day 2019 Quotes & Sayings {Thank You Quotes}

happy thanksgiving day

The famous quote from Abraham Lincoln describes Happy Thanksgiving Day beautifully! “Be careful that you do not forget the Lord your God, failing to observe his commands, his laws and his decrees that I am giving you this day.”

Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on 28rd of November, 2019 in the US. The real meaning of celebrating the Thanksgiving Day is to give thanks to the two most important principles in our life. First is the God that He created us and gave us the life on earth and also He provides us with plenty of resources that we use for our welfare, that nowadays we people have taken them as granted. Second is the pride of human nature who wants to take all the credit for the things they are producing, ignoring or even forgetting the real source of all these existence and all the blessings. So with these Cute Happy Thanksgiving quotes for family and friends, give thanks to them and express your love & gratitude with thankful quotes and sayings. Thanksgiving Day is the time when we feel gratitude, love, and thankfulness towards God, so give thanks to God with these famous quotes from the bible which are very religious and will help to focus on our blessings.

We engaged our self so much during these holiday season with all the food, dinner, decorations, shopping that we often forget why we are celebrating these days. So to remind ourselves and our loved ones, read these motivational Thanksgiving grateful quotes to look upon the blessings we have. If you like then share these quotes with your family, friends, business colleagues and loved ones, as this day is dedicated to say thanks and be grateful to everyone on facebook, twitter, Instagram or any social sites. Also, make this day a bit different to run away the stress by sharing these short funny Thanksgiving quotes which are absolutely humorous and would be a perfect way to be thankful. Read our beautiful Thanksgiving prayer quotes which are related to good grateful quotes to God to inspire and motivate our family to discuss their blessing at the Thanksgiving Day dinner.

We have compiled the most meaningful quotes and sayings in our latest collection which has many great Thanksgiving holiday quotes and after Thanksgiving quotes. Use these thank you quotes and saying as a way of expressing thankfulness, gratefulness, and love throughout the year as we should be thankful for each and every day, for what we have, for what we are blessed with, and to say Thank You to the only sustainer the Almighty God!

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