Quotes about Change, Letting go & Moving On in Life & Relationship

Letting go and Moving on Quotes

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it. ―Ann Landers

Our life keeps on changing even we too change, the universe in which we are staying also keep changing. The things that we want to stay the same our entire life doesn’t stays the same as when the time goes even the guy you loved with your full heart will move on and change. No matter how some things were right for us in past, it does not mean that they remain still the same. Some changes in life are for our own good & benefit and some are not and this includes losing someone you love, a bad relationship or sad painful breakup, a job, or a friend who cheated or a habit. Holding the pain, grudges and hurt deep inside of us will only hold you back and will not let you enjoy your life to fullest. So today we would like to share motivational & inspirational moving on quotes from all the famous personalities across the world to help you guys who want only one good reason for moving on and letting go in life. Here we have compiled some best moving on quotes, short letting go quotes and acceptance of what happened in past & move on and just by saying I am a powerful strong woman will help you to let go things that don’t require to keep.

For moving on in our life one should have the guts for accepting change & moving on from a bad relationship. It’s not a bad thing to move on from past relationship. Ending an unhealthy relationship will help you to grow & change your life. So go ahead in your life, learn from your life lessons, start searching for a new love and free yourself from the hurt, & pain starts enjoying every second of your precious life. Not every love story has to be as beautiful as a fairy tale cause that’s not true. Losing love or just falling out of love is not the end, its beginning of something new. Moving on from someone you love and giving up on love does not mean that you will never love again, as love never ends. Being in a relationship, first you have to love yourself and if still, things don’t work out the way you think then moving on is the best option even if you are still in love with that person. We know that forgetting someone you love is the hardest thing in one’s life, but what’s the use of being in a relationship and to be unhappy. Sometimes when you free yourself from such a bad relationship you are just allowing yourself to be happy again. In such case moving on in life and being happy is the best way to set yourself free again. Moving on from a guy who hurt you is the most positive thing one can do.

Nowadays girls fall in love with some random guy and when they break up, they feel like giving up on life. So today we will be posting some positive quotes for girls. Life is full of opportunities and doesn’t stop yourself from moving on to someone better if it’s good for you. After you move on or just let it go a relationship after being hurt, feels you that you deserve much better than him or her.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where letting go of control or finally letting go of a marriage if you are not happy, is the best decision you ever made. In this post, we will tell you about the art of letting go of pain quotes and some inspirational quotes about letting go of love which will help to keep moving in your life. Keep moving forward and don’t look at the past mistake, as the past will only hold you back but looking forward will help you to grow & change in life. So we are going to post a great collection of cute & funny quotes about moving on and letting go. We hope we can help with these funny inspiring and motivating quotes, so just check out the whole new collection in category wise.