Islamic Quotes of Prophet Muhammad & Sayings of Quran Hadith

Islamic Prophet Muhammad Quotes

“And we have not sent you, [O muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds. – Quran”

From this verse from Holy Quran, it is confirmed that Hazrat Muhammad SAW has been sent to all the mankind in the form of mercy.

Today we proudly present all our viewers some of the best selected inspirational Islamic quotes about life and love in English (although each and every quote is an inspiration for all the Muslims) we have made a collection in which we have focus on Hazrat Muhammad PBUH quote translated from Arabic into English and also Allah Quotes about Love & life which shows us the right way, the right path to live in this world. if we follow according to what Allah has mentioned us in His Holy Quran and Hadith send through Muhammad SAW, there is 100% confirmation that we will be best of mans and women’s living in this world and we will achieve success in this world and also in hereafter life. Also, many beautiful Quran Quotes on peace are posted as per the verses from Holy Quran. Prophet Muhammad quotes about love and life are world famous and are considered as best teaching.

Islam shows every individual their rights and the most important person in Islam is Mother as it is said that there is Jannat (heaven) under the feet of the mother. So Mother Quotes by Islam are also posted and also wise Islamic quotes about family, faith and peace are provided so that we can spread more and more life teaching inspirational quotes which will help people to live a better successful life. So follow this Hadith quotes which are quoted by Prophet Muhammad are related to our day to day life and enjoy the right way of living with happiness, peace, faith, and joy.

Below Are The Quotes from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)