Hugot Love Life Quotes & Lines 2019 in English (Best & Funny)

hugot quotes & lines

The word ‘Hugot’ in Filipino language literally means ‘To Pull Out’. Hugot is just a slang word which refers to an emotions which has been trapped deep inside your heart. Hugot Quotes for life are very famous among young students on Twitter and Facebook. Girl friends and boy friends use Hugot love lines to express their emotions & sentiments to each other and the very popular #hugot quotes are use to express the feelings of love with their Boyfriend or Girlfriends. There are hundreds of Hugot lines in English posted on twitter which are in the top 10 list on trending in 2017. We have selected the best Hugot quotes 2019 and Hugot lines 2019 which can be used for year 2019 and we have posted here which are on love & life. So select any latest hugot quotes which relates to your situation or expresses your emotions or sentiments to the one who hurt you or for someone you love the most. Hugot lines are basically quotable lines or statements that expresses your true feelings in your own unique way.

We are also posting some of the best hugot quotes translated from Tagalog to English language which we feel are the latest & touches the true emotions of heart. We have also selected some of the best funny Hugot quotes in English as well to keep up the energy running ;). Whether you are in search of some beautiful hugot love quotes in english or inspirational hugot life quotes, then you have came to the right place as here we have compiled the best ever hilarious  collection of funny hugot lines translated from tagalog to english for your convenience and these quotes will make you laugh hard. So don’t hesitate to express the deep feelings inside your heart you are feeling for your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone you loved with our short sad hugot lines. Let us inspire by sharing an inspirational hugot quotes with our loved ones. These comedy hugot lines are very funny and will surely bring a big smile on your face. If you like the Hugot quotes which we have posted below, do share it with your friends and family and do comment us.

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