Heartbreak, Sad & Painful Love Hurts Quotes For Him & Her

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Sad & Painful Love Quotes For Broken Hearts

The worst kind of pain that makes one feels like this is the end of the world is when your heart is broken.  Break up is the most painful heartbreaking feeling with no hope to recover. After breakup it’s impossible to calm down our heart because the pain of losing the true love is devastating. We don’t like to eat, we cry thinking about him or her, and even at this agonizing sad moment we lock ourselves for several days in our room. Sometime the love failure makes you worst or bring out the best in you. It totally depends on how you treat yourself when he or she left you with heartbreak. The relationship ends in many different ways like breakup, loss of life, moved to different country; but the feeling of heartbreak is same for all. There is no medicine to heal this pain. For all the heartbroken couple who are going through a sad relationship or who just had a break up with her or him, here we have the best sad love quotes in English for him & her that will make you cry.

Sometimes it’s the best ever decision made to breakup with him or her if you are not happy or satisfied. A real relationship is all about love from heart. We are emotionally shattered and the heart is broken into thousands of small pieces. Here we have some of the popular sad heartbreak quotes & sayings from the famous personalities in English whose words and lines are inspirational.  When a long relationship comes to an end the pain that the person goes through is unbearable and can’t be explain in words. It’s a saying that true love hurts the most. The brain recalls all the beautiful thoughts when he or she said ‘I love You’ for the first time or when you had your first kiss, first date and many more and this makes the pain worse. Now a day’s even an 11 year old girl or boy is having heartbreak and is searching for some latest sad romantic love quotes and short true love hurts sad quotes. It’s true that it hurts to love someone with all your heart and one day they leave us all alone. The most beautiful feeling in the world is falling in love and being in love with someone. And when the heart is broken, we feel like this hurtful pain will never be cured. Here we are posting an inspirational quotes message for a broken heart which will help to see the positive side of the world. Deep Sad love captions in English and also heartbroken status for him & her are now used to tag your loved ones on facebook, instagram and twitter. Don’t ruin your life crying over your past and don’t be sad about your love life. Be grateful to those people who have hurt you because these feelings after moving on makes you’re even stronger than before.

Here we are helping you guys to overcome the painful feelings with the best lines for broken heart which has went through a relationship break up. Just look around for some positive things which will inspire you or make you happy. Try to make new friends, go outing, shopping, makeover, spend time with loved ones, make a new boyfriend or girlfriend and move on in life, this things will help to heal up the wound with time as mending a broken heart takes efforts and a lot of patience. This is very important that we should help the person who is suffering from a heartbreaking break up and try uplifting him or her with motivational quotes on getting over the man or girl. After break up quotes will surely help to become more positive and happy in life and will help to move on in love life. The pain of broken heart is not denied, but fortunately there are ways to cope with them. Whether someone is going through a heartbreaking breakup or loss of loved & closed one, one can always recover with compassion, support from friends, family, and definitely self care will act as a medicine in easing the pain.