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happy veterans day

Bergen Evans, an American educator once quoted a famous quotation “Freedom of speech and freedom of action are meaningless without freedom to think. And there is no freedom of thought without doubt.” This awesome Veterans Day Quote is a reminder for us of all the sacrifices that our brave selfless heroes made so that we could enjoy freedom & change the world with the message of love, peace, equality, harmony, unity, and justice.
For a soldier, the task of serving the country takes a lot of courage as they risk their lives for the nation. The building of our society stands on the martyr of these selfless souls. On this Veterans Day, the least we all people can do is to say thank you to each and every veterans with these inspirational veterans day quotes and sayings. Let us all venerate these brave veterans with words of appreciation with honoring veterans quotes. On the 11th of November 2019, the whole Unites States celebrates happy veterans day also known as Remembrance Day in some part of the world, with great honor. On this day we want to draw the nation’s attention towards the sacrifices that our war heroes make for the country by posting some famous Veterans Day quotes by presidents. We have only one life yet our brave veterans sacrifice their life, family, and even limbs while protecting the country, so it’s our duty to honor them and make them proud with these happy veterans day quotes.

Veterans selfless sacrifices have given us our freedom. Our young generations are not aware of their real life heroes, so let us all sow the seeds of peace, harmony, unity, and equality in their minds of our young youth and inspire them to honor and cherish freedom. Thank you quotes for veterans and famous quotes about veterans will help them to appreciate their great work. Also, we can start inspiring them with funny veterans quotes. Veterans Day is a national holiday in most of the countries celebrated with grand parades, discipline marching bands and many other military celebrations in honor of veterans to build the spirit of brotherhood and patriotism. So let us develop a sense of patriotism on veterans day with these best veterans day thank you quotes and saying.

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