Happy Hanukkah 2018 Wishes Quotes Greetings Messages For Cards

During Hanukkah we have to light the menorah – one candle every night that represents the miracle of that day, so by the end of the eight-day festivities we have eight lit candles. The menorah must be placed in a window so that people can see the miracle that happened in each place. The Chanukah liturgy is different for Jews who live in Israel and in the diaspora (meaning outside of Israel). There is also a habit of giving gifts, especially to children. When relatives can not be reunited during the Hanukkah festivities, it is customary for them to send each other a greeting card (as Christians would do to wish each other a merry Christmas). To help you find the right words, we suggest below an example of a classic but sincere text.

happy hanukkah 2018
happy hanukkah 2018

Hanukkah 2018 Wishes Quotes & Greetings Messages For Cards

  1. Happy holidays of Hanukkah, May the Chanukah miracle illuminate your home all year long. May the light of hope shine eternally even at the most uncertain times. Like the flame of incandescent candles that split the darkness. Amen
  2. Congratulations on the bright and joyful holiday of Hanukkah. I want to wish good and happiness, love and wonders, kindness of soul and sincere hopes. May the house always have a festive atmosphere, mutual understanding, wealth, fun, respect and well-being.
  3. Merry and kind Hanukkah. Let the candles light up, and the gloom of sadness will disappear, may the life be filled with true happiness and bright love. I wish to continue my way confidently, forgetting about past mistakes and rushing forward hopefully to the light of good and good luck.
  4. Here came the great eight-day holiday of Hanukkah! On the holiday of lights, the Maccabean holiday, we wish everyone a bright light in our soul. Happiness personal and family, cleansing and love. Let the full cup be the house and the blessed memory of the temple. Believe in miracles, take care of your relatives and give human warmth.
  5. Congratulations on Hanukkah. I wish that the candles of your hope burn brighter day by day, I wish the path of life to be filled with happiness and prosperity. Let the heart be warmed with love, and the house – family comfort and warmth. 

    hanukkah wishes greeting image
    hanukkah wishes greeting image
  6. With all my heart, I wish that all the grief was gone, burned in the candlelight! I wish you peace and tranquility in your soul, happy and sunny days, always have the closest people around you! May miracles happen to you regularly!
  7. Let the light of festive candles light up the most faithful, even and happy way in life for you. Let the cheerful mood of Hanukkah accompany you always. I wish to celebrate this holiday in a wonderful bright atmosphere in the circle of loved and loved ones. I wish you well-being, prosperity, joyful meetings, communication, which will bring with it new opportunities and just good emotions. With Hanukkah!
  8. Congratulations on Hanukkah and with all my heart I wish so much joy and happiness in life, how many bright stars in the sky, how many shining candles in all houses, how many bright hopes in your heart. Let this good holiday light the eternal fire of love, miracles and grace for you!
  9. Congratulations on Hanukkah. I wish bright flame of candles to instill good hope in the heart and true love, children to spend happy and wonderful holidays, to make the house even more comfortable and lighter, to share sincere joy with people loved and dear to the heart. 

    happy hanukkah
    happy hanukkah
  10. Happy Hanukkah. I wish to live happily and laugh heartily, like a child, I wish to burn with the fire of love and inspiration, like a bright candle. May real miracles happen in your life, may your heart always tell you to be a kind and happy person.
  11. We will congratulate you, your family and community with the village and light hanukkah !! Let the light and the fire of Yeshua still light up the heart every one of us !!! 
  12. We are waiting for Hanukkah is not a gift. Let us go to this day, Vera did not let it go, We wish happiness to everyone!
  13. On the feast of this people the rest will remember about the soul let. Vera become only more beautiful. This Hanukkah is the essence.
  14. We wish warm meetings, that all were healthy, Traditions to keep, that all lived happily!
  15. “The smallest light destroys the greatest darkness” – the sages said.
  16. “The darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.” – Robert Altinger
  17. “We may be in a colonial room but that doesn’t mean you should act like colonial men” 

    happy hanukkah Greeting Card
    happy hanukkah Greeting Card
  18. May God make the candles of Hanukkah bring you health, joy, and bring to all mankind peace and blessings. I hope that we can soon reignite the lights of the Menorah of the Temple of Jerusalem together and rejoice with all our Jewish brethren. The Festival of Lights, is an opportunity to pay tribute to the entire Jewish People in memory of a miracle occurred in the Temple of Jerusalem, unfortunately ransacked by the Syrians in 646 BC. Each light of the Menorah refers to a phase of Jewish history and carries, through the centuries, a message of hope and truth that Israel continues to bear. The true light has come through your people. When the world was still dark, the divine light rose at Sinai, and God proclaimed the Ten Commandments that were deeply etched in the heart of humanity. But only you, the Jews, were chosen to carry the divine light and to proclaim the truth of God. Thus says the prophet: “Arise, become light, for your light has come: darkness covers the earth and the peoples are in darkness, but above you God will shine and the peoples will walk to your light.” (Isaiah, 60.). It is a shame that even today, a part of humanity sleeps in the darkness and does not know the value of Israel. So I hope that humanity will awaken thanks to the Jewish people who will once again light a light: the light of truth, faith and equity. Happy Holidays



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