Get Well Soon Wishes, Messages & Quotes For Speed Recovery

Nothing is more rejuvenating than a beautiful and soothing message of wishing a speedy recovery for a sick or ill person. The wishes sent for a patient to get well in time are more effective than a daily dose of medicines which may even have side effects in the long run. Being kind and helpful to the person recovering from a trauma or disease can bring them back to life by simply wishing them with inspirational and encouraging thoughts and greetings. Visiting a sick person is a good etiquette of displaying love and affection to them and letting them know that you are there for them & care about them. One can take with them a bouquet of flowers with a statement get well soon messages in a card as a sign of recovery. People also take with them a bunch of fruits for the sick while visiting them.
Get well soon messages for friends can be humorous and funny if their state of sickness is not that bad to make fun of. Mostly boys often make a humorous note out of their friend’s state of sickness and at the same time wish them a speedy recovery in a funny way. This would relieve the person mentally from the illness they suffer. Mostly visiting an old person like grandma or grandpa for their sickness should be encouraging with some of the best get well soon quotes and messages that would help them recover soon and join the family whom they’d have missed while in the hospital. Kids and children find it hard to accept that their state of illness and are always upset and crying. They can be given with gifts along with a beautiful message to recharge their mood and wish them a speedy recovery. At the end of the day every ill person needs few words of encouragement to come of their state of mind. After all happy is always sound & healthy. Here are some short and sweet get well soon wishes, messages, greetings, sayings, blessings, thoughts, statements, quotes & texts one can send to a person suffering from a sickness. Hope these messages will help your family members and friends to recover sooner than ever before!



“If I am asked for a brave and strong person,
I will never ever hesitate to choose you.
Your strong will power and bravery
Will see you out of this.
Get well fast!”

“Hey you, beautiful queen of all the princess!
Everyone just can’t wait to see smiling again.
We all love you!
Recover soon!”

best wishes for ill person for speedy recovery
best wishes for ill person for speedy recovery

“Hope is the best of all medicines,
and I’m here to give you just that.
Get well soon!”

“Everyone here at work
Are doing our best to “hold down the fort”
While you’re recuperating,
But there’s a serious dearth of fun!
Come back soon, please!
We all miss you so badly!”

“When I was in a similar condition as you are in,
I remember how you used to crack jokes to make me laugh
Besides my hospital jokes.
May you smile your way to full recovery
Just as you helped me recover!”

“The doctors and nurses in the hospital just don’t need you.
But we, the people here in our homes heartily need you.
Everybody will be happy to see you get better again smiling.
Get well and be home soon!”

“Like a flower grows
In the warmth of sunlight,
Similarly may you grow and
Be strong in the light of God’s love.
Wishing you a speedy recovery!”

“Remember to take it just one day at a time,
And, in no time, you will be totally healed
And smiling once again.
Wishing you a healthy and fast recovery!”

“With all the prayers
That we have offered for you today,
No disease can keep you down anymore.
We believe in your speedy healing.
Recover soon!”

get well soon love
get well soon love

“This being a very special prayer
For you while you are ill,
That’s sent as a reminder
That God is near you still;
May He, who knows your every need,
Be with you every single hour
And restore all good health to you again
by His all – Healing power.
Get well soon!”

“You look bad when you are laid up.
We want to see you glow brightly again,
So please hurry up and get up soon!
Wish you a fast recovery!”

“If you don’t lose heart,
Am pretty so sure that you will win this challenging battle
And that’s why my prayers are with you today and forever.
Wish you quick recovery champs!”

“A princess like you
Is fit for castles, not for hospitals;
So, get your glow back
And be healthy all again!
Wishing you a speedy recuperation!”

“Even Superman has a weakness.
Though you are feeling weak now,
Know that you will be strong again.
Until then, may peace be with you!
Wishing you wellness soon Superman!”

get well soon messages for facebook
get well soon messages for facebook

“Every time I close my eyes to pray,
I always whisper a simple prayer to God
For your quick recovery;
I have a feeling my prayer is about to be answered.
Your recovery is coming soon!”

“May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun,
And find your shoulder to light on;
To bring you luck,
Happiness and riches,
Today, tomorrow and forever!
Wishing you speedy wellness!”

“The most important thing when facing an illness,
Is that no matter how bad it gets,
You should never lose hope.
Faith is the first step towards recovery.
Get well soon my friend!”

“You look like a lazy boy
Lying in that hospital bed;
You don’t deserve that status
So get well soon dude!”

get well soon miss you quotes

“If hugs and kisses could cure, you’d have been
immune to everything by now.
Get well soon.”

“We both know that the only bank
I qualify for a loan is you!
How do you expect me
To survive without you around?
Get well soon and
Approve my next credit, please!”

“Since you got sick,
Everything became different.
Nobody makes us laugh anymore.
So, take good care
And return to us soon.
We look forward for your return.
Get well soon!”

“I wish that the healing angels of good health
Could come and have a visit in your sick bed
To raise you from your sickness.
Feel better soon my dearest,
For there are several reasons
Why you should not remain
In that sick bed.
Get well soon!”

“I would want to wish you well,
But I know you don’t need any wishes,
Because you will be better soon.
This is me letting you know
That I’m always thinking about you!
Wishing you good luck and speedy recovery!”

“You look so dull and weak
When you are sick.
All your beauty has faded away.
For how long will you allow this to continue?
Get well soon and show the world
You are the champion, Come On!”

“Every day, be sure to smile and pray,
Because smiling makes you look better
And praying makes you stronger.
Don’t lose hope.
You’ll be better soon!”

“Don’t worry:
You will be back on your feet in no time,
And then you will be wishing
You were off your feet again, resting!
Wishing you speedy recovery soon!”

get well soon wishes card
get well soon wishes card

“I love to see you smiling again.
So, don’t let your illness steal that smile from you.
Keep fighting and try smiling!
Get well soon!”

“When the healing angel of good health passes by tonight,
May he raise you above the ground with your strong feet again.
Our healing prayers are with you in this painful moment.
Wishing you a fast and speedy recovery very soon!”

“Come receive warm hugs and kisses from me
As I pray for your complete and speedy recovery.
Get well soon!”

“Please consider these flowers as my hugs and kisses,
Wishing that you were here instead of lying in that sick bed.
Feel good soon my dear!”

“Since you’re under the weather,
Take this time to practice meditation and spiritual focus.
Or you can just torment your cat.
Feel better soon!”

“Life is not about driving big cars,
Or living in big mansions;
Instead, it’s about being in perfect health
And enjoying life to the fullest.
Quick recovery is what I wish you
As you join us in enjoying this life!”

“You are now in pain and sorrow.
Just keep praying,
Because only God can take this sorrow away.
Just hold on.
You will be well soon!”

“Here’s praying that you will feel good soon
And experience the happiness
Of being healthy and lively again.
Remember that we love you
And miss you so dearly!”

“I ache every second you are sick,
And pretty soon I am going to be in that hospital bed next to you.
Get better fast, because, even though I love you,
I don’t want to join you!
Get well soon!”

“May your inner strength grow stronger each passing day,
As positivity is gradually restored in your blood pumping veins,
May you become healthier and happier,
As soon as possible!”

“Don’t ever forget that
Whatever happens to you,
We will always be beside you.
But if God is with you,
Everything will be alright.
So always put God in your heart
And he will guide you
On the path to good health.“

“May the little flowers lying in gloom,
Rise and bloom, swaying endlessly,
This way and that way,
Morn to dusk every day, Get well soon!”

“Think happy thoughts,
And you may heal more quickly
Than you thought possible.
We miss you,
And want you better soon!
Wishing a speedy recovery!“

“The same way this is hard to you,
So is it to me.
Your physical healing
Will heal my soul as well.
You are loved.
Get well soon!”

“You are at your weakest point,
But learn to trust God;
You will be tougher than
What you expected;
We are all praying for your good Health!
Get well my dear!”

“For your illness,
A few candies and flowers
May not be the perfect cure.
But they will cheer you up for sure.
Get well soon!”

get well soon
get well soon

“I know you as a fighter,
A person who doesn’t go down without a fight.
I know you will fight your way out of this situation.
Good health is my wish for you today.”

“Laughing can lower levels of stress hormones
And strengthen the immune system.
So keep smiling,
so that you will be in good health again!”

“Having fun and enjoying happiness
Is not the same without you.
Wishing you a speedy
And full recovery from your illness!”

“I know how tiresome your condition is,
And it’s horrible to see you this way.
My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.
I hope you get well soon!”

“Even though today
You feel crummy after the operation,
It’s a matter of days
Before you get to your full self.
The jovial, young person
Will be full of life again.
May your recovery be 100%.”

“Always think healthy positive thoughts.
You still have lots of fun things to do.
So focus and concentrate on your recovery.
Hope to see you soon in full optimal health!”

“As you travel the path of recuperation,
I wish you comfort, care and speedy healing.
Get well as soon as possible!”

“You will be more than just better;
Better than you were ever before.
I can’t wait to see you soon in full health!
Get well soon!
Your beloved friend!”

“There is a lot of fun life has to offer
Outside those hospital walls.
How I wish you get well fast
For you to experience
All the fun and delights out here!”


“If you’re feeling down,
Just look outside the window
And the sun will remind you
So much reason
Why you have to recuperate quickly!
Get well soon dear!”

“The art of medicine consists
of amusing the patient
While nature cures the disease..”

“You’ve taken such a good care of me every time,
I’d be honoured to pray for your speedy recovery in any way possible.
What do you need to get better?
Let me know, sweet friend.
Wishing you a fast recuperation!”

“What happened to you doesn’t matter.
What I know is that you are a strong person
And very soon you are going to get out of that dark room
And enjoy the sunshine again!”

“I miss your silly jokes and a smiling little face;
Life without you being around me is simply a rat race.
Nothing has been the same since you’ve become ill;
So please get well soon and make a strong will.
Wishing you a good health and welfare!”


We hope these well wishing quotes would help give a healing touch to the person to whom it is conveyed. Even young couples can send to their beloved partners when they are in their time of recovering from a sickness. Guys can send a postcard for their girlfriends as a token of love for their speedy recovery. Girls can also send greeting cards of wellness to their boyfriends suffering from illness. They can express words of love, expressions and sentiments in their wellness greetings. Grandchildren can send their grandmas and grandpas a letter of wellness as a sign of love and affection through our quotes and thus getting their blessings. These messages of recovery and wellness can be sent to the colleagues who work together and have been sick. Kids can convey their well wishes for a speedy recovery to their ailing parents who are suffering from sickness. Hope these wellness quotes, messages and wishes bring in a speedy recovery to every relationship and better their lives in the future.

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