Famous Albert Einstein Quotes on Life, Education, Love, Imagination

Einstein Quotes

Albert Einstein was a genius theoretical physicist, one of the most famous scientist of 20th century. Einstein came up with the theory of relativity, modern physics and quantum mechanics. He had a great influence on the philosophy of science. Einstein world famous formula E=mc2 for calculating mass-energy equivalence made him a world famous renown scientist. Short Albert Einstein quotes about life, love, education, technology and much more are inspirational for many of us. The Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1921 was always against racism and nationalism and with his quotes about war explains all. With his great IQ level, creativity and with his genius mind, he has become synonymous. He was not just a scientist or a philosopher but also a deep person with insanity who knows about the different human condition. Here we compiled some of the best Albert Einstein quotes which will surely help us to teach about time, art and nature. At a very young age he got deep into religion and became very religious so we have also posted greatest Einstein quotes on God. Inspiring quotes by Albert Einstein has changed the life of many people and helped them to achieve success all around the world.

It is said that he was a funny man spreading happiness so many people also search for Einstein funny quotes. Einstein was a man who achieved success in every field with his immense knowledge about life, love, science, and his imagination, even after more than 60 years he is known as one of the famous person in the world.