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Deep Meaningful Thoughts Quotes & Words about Life & Love

deep meaningful quotes
deep meaningful quotes
In life there are times when we are either happy or we are sad. Life is not meant to be only one among them. It has its own ups and downs, things to celebrate and things to worry about. But whatever happens, everything is not going to last forever with us. So, finally it depends on us, being human beings as to how we cope with all these mixed feelings in the journey of our lives. It all matters how we react to the situations, whether it be our happiest of the moments or the darkest stages of our lives. Similarly with love, sometimes we get it at the unexpected of the moments and sometimes we lose it at without our knowledge. It’s only in being mature with the feelings of love that we can help make a relationship work at its best. It may require us to give up on some things and accept the way it is and get compromised or to keep our stand at things which are right.
To give a second thought about life we have come up with some of the most thought provoking quotes, sayings, messages which will bring a meaning to this life. These may include quotes for the broken hearts, who have been hurt by their loved ones, friends and relatives. We have quotes for the ones who are in the dark, feeling lonely and need some meaningful words and sentences in English and Hindi about this life to get their moral boosted. We have deep meaningful messages in English and Hindi that can be shared as tweets on twitter, captions on Instagram and simply as statuses for WhatsApp to express their feelings towards love and life. There are some short, cute and emotional, motivational and meaningful life quotes that can help in replacing the pain with the much needed love and care in one’s life. There are also some deep meaningful and funny quotes to forget the pain gained in love and life of a person. Hope these lines, sentences, thoughts, sayings, feelings, deep quotes make you think about life in a different perspective and live a better life than ever before.

Deep Meaningful Heart Touching Quotes in English & Hindi


“Do not think that who, when, where and how or how much they have changed. Just think what was given and what has been learned.”

(Yeh mat sochein k Kon, kab, kahan Kaise badal gaya, Kitna badal gaya. Bas yeh sochain k Kya de gaya aur Kya sikha gaya.)

“If you have in you to forget me then do so, It will take ages for me to remove you from my memories.”

(Tumhare bas main agar hai Toh bhool jao humain, Tumhe bhulane main shayad Humain zamana lage.)

“Don’t ask for his bad luck, He loses me and says i miss you”

(Na pooch uski Bad’naseebi ka alam Mohsin, Woh mujh ko kho kar kehta hai Mujhe tum yaad aaty ho.)

“Ever loved with a broken heart? Try loving it! It will never hurt you.”

(Kabhi kisi toote dil se Pyaar kar k dekho, Woh tumhe kabhi Dard nahi dega.)

“I have mastered the art of being alone, Nowadays, my heart doesn’t feel being in groups.”

(Akele rehna seekh chuka hoon, Ab dil nahi lagta mehfilon main.)

“The one thing that this world is sulking on me is that, It’s not my genes to bow my head in front of anyone.”

(Rutha huwa hai mujhse Isi baat par zamana, Shamil nahi hai meri Fitrat main sir ko jhukana.)

“Never give anyone so much importance that they try to make you dance to their tunes.”

(Kisi ko itni bhi Importance mat do k woh tum par apni marzi Chalana shuru kar de.)

“People say that one has to bow down In front of their loved ones. But i say those who are our loved ones, they never let us bow down.”

(Log kehte hain Apnon ke aage Jhuk jana chahiye. Main kehta hoon Jo apne hoty hain Woh jhukne hi nahi dete.)

“Each and everyone saw me through their eyes, I wish there could be someone who could see me through my eyes.”

(Har ek ne dekha mujhe Apni nazron se, Kaash koi toh Meri nazar se bhi Dekhta mujhko.)

“When someone gets silent i get worried and disturbed, But when i got silent there no one to even ask for my condition.”

(Koi khamosh hojaye toh Hum tarap jaate hain, Hum khamosh huwe toh Kisi ne haal tak na pucha.)

“Whenever you get enough time, Please do tell me that, What was that love that i couldn’t give to you.”

(Kabhi miley fursat toh Itna zaroor batana, Woh konsi muhabbat thi Jo hum tumhe na de sake.)

“One who forgets me, I too don’t find it important to think about them.”

(Jo mujhko bhool jaye Usay yaad karna Main bhi zaruri nahi samajhta.)

“True love is the one in which there is no hope of getting it even though the love is eternal.”

(Sachi muhabbat Toh woh hai jis main Paane ki koi umeed na ho, Phir bhi be’inteha pyaar ho.)

“My fault was just that, I thought everyone to be more important than myself.”

(Meri ghalti bas yehi thi k maine har kisi ko Khud se ziada Zaroori samjha.)

“I wish I could meet someone the way that they never part, The way they understand me that they never get upset.”

(Kaash koi miley is tarah k kabhi judah na ho, Woh samjhey mujhe is tarah k kabhi khafa na ho.)

“Who can feel the pain of the ones crying in silence!”

(Khamoshi se Roney walon ka dard, Bhala kon samajh Sakta hai.)

“When it comes to the matter of self respect, One should stop loving.”

(Baat jab izzat par Aa jaye toh Muhabbat chor deni Chahiye.)

“Loving someone even after losing them is not everyone’s cup of tea.”

(Kisi ko kho kar bhi Usay chahte rehna Har kisi k bas ki Baat nahi.)

“It is painful when that person ignores you, Whom we believe as everything for us.”

(Dard toh tab hota hai Jab humain woh shakhs Ignore karta hai, Jisey hum apna sab kuch Maante hon.)

“People say that we loose our relationships due to our ego, But the person who doesn’t show his ego, Loses his self-respect.”

(Log kehte hain Hum ego ki wajah se Rishtey kho dete hain, Lekin jo insan ego nahi dikhata Woh apni self respect Kho deta hai.)

“How much ever you love someone truly but, People don’t like the ones with true love but the ones with good face instead.”

(Muhabbat kitni bhi Sachi kar lo magar logon ko, Sachi muhabbat wale nahi Achi shakal wale hi Pasand aaty hain.)

“She just suddenly asked me that how much do I love her, I told her, I know how to but just I don’t know how to express.”

(Us ne achanak hi pooch liya k kitna pyaar karte ho mujhse, Maine kaha, Karna aata hai Bas batana nahi aata.)

“To love someone And get love from that person, Very few people have that luck.”

(Kisi ko pyaar karna Or usi se pyaar paana Bohat kam logon ko Naseeb hota hai.)

“Truer the love, Deeper is the pain.”

(Jitni sachi muhabbat Utna gehra dard.)

“I’m so much in love with her that my heart doesn’t want To live without her for even a second.”

(Itna pyaar hogaya hai Mujhe us se k Uske bina ek pal bhi Ab Jeene ka Mera dil nahi karta.)

“You break my heart And I keep on forgiving you, I can’t take this all the time.”

(Tum dil toro Or main maaf karun, Har baar nahi hota Mujh se.)

“I tried so much to get it, But she is a line which is not in my hands.”

(Paane ki usay Koshish toh bohat ki, Magar woh ek lakeer hai Jo mere haath main nahi.)

“The people who are soft-hearted, They even cry when they are in anger.”

(Yeh jo naram dil log Hoty hain na, Yeh gussey main bhi Roney lagte hain.)

“When distance grew longer, Then the misconceptions also increased, Then she even heard which I never even said.”

(Dooriyan jab barhien Toh ghalatfehmiyan bhi Barh gayien, Phir usne woh bhi suna Jo maine kaha bhi nahi.)

“You have changed a lot, Charging my world along.”

(Bohat badal gaye tum, Meri duniya badal kar.)

“I hide my grief by smiling, And people pray for being like me.”

(Hum muskura kar apna Gham chupa lete hain, Aur log hum jaisa banne ki Duaa karte hain.)

“Don’t talk about luck, I’ll ask you in my prayers.”

(Naseeb ki baat Mat karo, Duaaon se maang Lunga tumhe.)

“Unfortunately, bad things happen only to those people, Who wants to keep everyone happy.”

(Hamesha usi insan k saath Bura hota hai, Jo sabko khush rakhna Chahta hai.)

“He asked me but I said nothing, How to complain with people who have fallen from the heart.”

(Usne pucha bhi Lekin maine kaha, Kuch nahi. Dil se utre huwe Logon se shikayat kaisi.)

“Give only as much advice to people as they can understand, Because after the bucket is full, Water only gets wasted.”

(Kisi ko utni hi advice do Jitni woh samajh sakey, Kyun k baalti bharne k baad Paani waste hi hota hai.)

“Trust them who can understand your three things, The pain behind the laughter, The love behind the anger, The reason for being silent!”

(Bharosa us par karen Jo apki 3 baatein samajh sakey, Hansi k peeche ka dard, Gussey k peeche ka pyaar, Chup rehne ki wajah.)

“Being lonely is not that You have no one but Being lonely is that, Even though you have everyone with you, But no one is yours.”

(Tanha hona yeh nahi hota K aapke paas koi nahi hai, Tanha hona yeh hota hai k Sab apke paas hain lekin Apka koi nahi hai.)

“Those who can’t understand you, Arguing with them is of no use.”

(Jinhein ehsaas na ho Unse giley shikwey karna Bekaar hai.)

“Think twice before parting From your loved ones, The habit of compromising Has gone nowadays.”

(Bohat soch samajh kar Apnon se rootha karo, Aaj kal manane ka rawaaj Khatam hogaya hai.)

“Tell her that I don’t know how to live without her, Many things comes to my heart but I don’t know how tell that.”

(Usey kehna mujhe uske bina Rehna nahi aata, Bohat kuch dil main aata hai Magar kehna nahi aata.)

“Who asks someone without any means? Without soul even our family doesn’t keep us at home.”

(Matlab k bina Kisi ko kon puchta hai? Baghair rooh k toh Ghar wale bhi nahi rakhte.)

“Those are the real men, Who even during times of anger, Talk with women in a respectful way.”

(Wohi mard nayaab hoty hain Jo gussey main bhi Aurat se baat karne ki Tameez nahi bhoolte.)

“A mother is a mother she easily recognizes whether the eyes are red due to sleep or due to crying.”

(Maa toh Maa hoti hai Pehchan leti hai k aankhein Soney se laal hain Ya Roney se.)

“The best person in the world is the one who ever after being astray, Compromises again with just a little smile.”

(Duniya main
Behtreen insaan wohi hai, Jo Rooth jaane par bhi Sirf ek choti si muskurahat se Maan jaye.)

“In these time don’t be in search of faith, Those were old times when houses were of mud and people were faithful.”

(Is zamane main Wafa ki talaash mat karna Woh waqt aur tha Jab makaan kachey aur log Sachey huwa karte thy.)

“People don’t change, It’s just that someone better than us comes into their life.”

(Log badalte nahi, Bas unki zindagi main Humse behtar koi aur Aa jaata hai.)

“Who says that god is not visible, he is the only one who’s visible when you do not see anything!”

(Kon kehta hai k Khuda nazar nahi aata? Ek wohi toh nazar aata hai, Jab kuch nazar nahi aata.)

“Today loose an argument once again, Today save a relation once again.”

(Aaj phir aik behas haar jaa Aaj phir aik taaluq bacha le.)

“The people who are yours will always be yours at all times, Those who have to go, Go without any reasons. Those who wish to stay, stay without any reasons.”

(Jo log apke hain woh Har haal main apke hi rahenge, Jinhone jana hota hai Woh be’wajah bhi chale jate hain Or jinhone nibhana hota hai Woh be’wajah bhi nibhate hain.)

“If someone asks you something then give it, Be happy with the fact that God has kept you among the givers, Not among the seekers.”

(Agar koi tumse kuch Maange toh de diya karo, Or Shukar kiya karo k Allah ne tumhe Dene walon main rakha hai, Maangne walon main nahi.)

“How much ever people try To bring me down, My Lord tries to lift me up by the same amount”

(Log jitna mujhe giraane ki Koshish karte hain, Mera Allah mujhe utna hi Buland kar deta hai.)

“Although by taking revenge we would get satisfaction, But the difference is over between us and them, That’s why never take revenge, Forgive them.”

(Badla le lene se Sukoon toh mil jata hai, Magar apke or unke beech Farak khatam hojata hai. Is liye badla na liya karo Maaf kar diya karo.)

“In life always let your Loved ones feel your absence But don’t let this absence be so long someone starts learning to live without you.”

(Zindagi main hamesha apne Chahne walon ko apni kami Mehsoos karwao magar Yeh doori itni lambi na karo k Koi apke baghair jeena Seekh jaye.)

“Father is that precious gentleman for whom the price of even one drop of sweat cannot be paid back by his children.”

(Baap woh azeem hasti hai Jiske paseene ki ek boond ki Keemat bhi aulaad adaa Nahi kar sakti.)

“Do love, Love very heartily, But just don’t have any expectations, Love doesn’t give pain, But expectations do.”

(Pyaar karo Jee bhar ke karo Bas umeed mat rakho. Takleef muhabbat nahi Umeedain deti hain)

“I like those people who live in their own way, They don’t do any conspiracy, They don’t spread hatred, But very few are such people.”

(Mujhe woh log pasand hain Jo apni mouj main rehte hain Saazishein nahi karte, Nafratein nahi phelaate, Magar bohat kam hoty hain Aese log.)

“Life partner should be such that they are loyal to the parents, Otherwise who is not loyal to them, How can they be loyal to us?”

(Humsafar aesa ho Jo apne maa baap ka Wafa’daar ho, warna Jo apne maa baap ka na hosaka Woh humara kya hoga.)

“Don’t panic if Anyone talks about you behind your back, Because only those are talked about who have something in them.”

(Peeth peeche apki Koi baat chale toh Ghabrana mat, Kyunki Baat unhi ki hoti hai Jin main koi baat hoti hai.)

“When the times are good even your mistakes seem To be a joke, But when times are bad, Then even the jokes becomes a mistake.”

(Waqt acha ho Toh apki ghalti bhi Mazzak lagti hai, Or waqt bura ho Toh mazzak bhi Ghalti ban jaata hai.)

This was a short attempt to bring a cheer to your lives by getting to you some of the most meaningful and thoughtful love quotes, life quotes that will remove the pain and grief for the ones in sadness. May this inspire those who are doing well in their life already and want to improve. May these heart touching meaningful thoughts helps you to understand the real life. Please do share this post with your friends.

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