Baby Shower Wishes & Card Messages For New Born Baby

Baby shower is a cultural way of celebrating along with the pregnant mother, the expected and most anticipated birth of her baby into this wonderful world. It is mostly celebrated in last 2 months before the actual delivery of the baby. Mom-to-be throws a party inviting their family & friends to celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm. This helps the pregnant women to get ready for the delivery of the baby which would bring a huge change into their lives forever. This also makes them prepare for welcoming the baby with new dresses, toys and other baby items that are essential immediately after birth. This challenging moment for the couple expecting the baby is spent with a mix of excitement and joy which would take away all the worries and fear from inside them. A new born baby always brings along with it tremendous joy and happiness. But awaiting their birth with a lot of eagerness to see them gives more enjoyment.
All the family members, relatives and friends would give wishes to the couple expecting their baby which would be a very heartwarming moment for both of them. The baby shower moment helps the mom to replace all her nervousness and worries by strength of the joy and happiness she will be receiving through the birth of her baby child. It would be such a pleasure for the family and friends in welcoming a new life into this world through their baby shower greetings, messages, wishes & sayings. Their beautiful wordings for the baby shower will give the new parents parenting ideas for their baby. As the days of her pregnancy nears the mom wishes to proudly show off her adorable baby bump to her friends and enjoy the girly moment with them before her baby enters this world. This time is also when a lot of baby gifts and cloths await the baby’s arrival. It’s a colorful moment with a lot of cheers to the parent couple. To celebrate a memorable day with the mom and dad here are some of the best baby shower wishes, greetings, congratulation messages, sayings which can be conveyed through cute little cards designed for the baby and the mom. Hope you love them!

Baby Shower Wishes, Card Messages & Greetings

“Lots of well wishes and huge kisses coming on your way! Congrats on your most awaited little one, we’re so excited for your growing family.”

“Wish you a good health through the remainder of your pregnancy, and best wishes to you on your delivery day.”

“Although I’m not present at your baby shower, my love is forever present with you, and my sincere prayer of protection is all about you every single day. I wish you a safe, sound & healthy delivery.”

wishes and messages for baby shower cards
wishes and messages for baby shower cards

“Ten little fingers, Ten tiny toes,
The sweetest of smiles
And a cute little nose.
All these add up
To a very special
thing — A BABY
The greatest of gifts
That life can bring”

“Babies are treasured, cherished, prized, beloved and adored, may you enjoy the best gift that you’ve been given.”

“Get ready for toy cars in all shapes and sizes, for balls, bats, and bikes, and all sorts of surprises. Congratulations on your little man.”

“Booties and bonnets, ribbons and lace, little stuffed toys all over the place. Congratulations on your sweet little girl.”

“The frequent kicks that shake you entirely,
The repeated leaps of joy that make you less moody;
They are all giving you a hope for the joy to come,
The cutest angel that will soon be born.”

“Cheers to the new baby, new adventure and new appreciation of the word “me time”. I am so happy for you.”

“In another few weeks, it’s gonna be bye-bye tummy and hello mommy day! Can’t wait more to see the baby’s pinky-cheeked face and two beautiful eyes. Be it a girl or a boy, your baby is gonna be a bundle of joy. We look forward to seeing your new star soon &
A shower of blessings to you and your new baby!”

“The unconditional love that you will feel will be with you from the moment you set eyes on your little one.”

“Neither silver nor gold, I have none;
But, I have something more valuable to give to you,
Just one thing and that is my prayer of protection
And abundant blessing for you and your baby
As you enjoy God’s cuddling.”

“I wish you joy, I wish you luck, I wish you a safe delivery, I wish you a strong, beautiful and bouncing baby!”

“Wakeful nights are a lot more worth it with your little angel. Their bright shining eyes and glowing hearts make the best night lights.”

baby shower quotes
baby shower quotes

“The changes in your body will last for just nine months, but the beauty of motherhood will embrace you for the rest of your life. Congratulations.”

“Sending you cheerful thoughts as you gear up to welcome your little someone new into the big family. This cute little miracle is gonna soon make your world rock again and be more beautiful and happy.”

“No sooner do you think, your cute baby will arrive herein,
Bringing you happiness and enthusiasm that keeps you alive,
Her innocent cries that make your heart burn with passion,
Her flawless giggles that would ignite everyone’s attraction
We join you in this joyous celebration
And we say a very big congratulations!”

“Enjoy this beautiful and joyful baby shower,
Because it’s the last party you’ll be having for a long time
We thank you a lot for inviting us here along to share in your excitement of your soon to be new arrival into this world. Wishing you all the very best with your babyhood!”

“The littlest feet of your baby
Makes the biggest of its footprints in our hearts.
Enjoy the love!”

“The unease you feel, the repeated kicks you get in your womb, the irregular leaps that cause you discomfort, and the morning nausea that often irritate you will all soon give way for immeasurable joy at the arrival of your baby. Congrats to you & your baby on this baby shower!”

“Of all the people out there, you are exactly who I like to see having children, because you are the type of person who will raise people who will make the world a better place for us all.”

“Funny how such a tiny thing can take up so much space in our hearts. Congratulations on the little one.”

“Although books and articles can help out,
But motherhood is in itself a learning process.
Your child will bring you amazing surprises
That you never ever expected.”

“I can see your eyes glow brightly
As you look forward to hold
And to cherish your little angel on the way.
Congratulations in advance!”

“Congrats, you are soon gonna be a mother,
One of the most noble and wonderful roles in the society.
Today we all honor you and your coming blessing!”

“Acknowledge how lucky, as parents, you are.
Smile cheerfully, as you look into your newborn’s eyes.
Get soaked into the joy of having a baby
And appreciate your biggest prize of life.
Wishing you two (almost three) all the best.”

“A mother-to-be has such a wonderful dream for her child’s future. Such beautiful plans and love that never ceases.”

“Brace up, take courage and stay vibrant, we are all praying for your safe delivery.”

“Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy. Soon you will be able to get away with sweatpants and no make-up in public.”

“We’re tutu excited to meet your darling daughter. Best wishes for the pregnancy.”

“With the arrival of the new baby, things may get more hectic, but your house will forever be filled with love and laughter. All the best and many happy memories in this baby shower.”

“A special child is on the way. Give him all the care and love in the world when he arrives. Of course, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Congrats!”

“I wish you all the best on the remainder of your pregnancy and the delivery of your baby. Happy baby shower wishes to you both!”

“Ahhh! I’m freaking out over here. Kudos, you guys.
So happy for you both, that’s going to be a one lucky baby.”

wishes for new born baby
wishes for new born baby

“Sending happy thoughts
your way as you prepare
to welcome a little someone
new to your family.
This little miracle will soon
make your world more
beautiful and happier.”

“Oh boy! We can’t wait to meet him. Thanks a lot you invited us to share in with your baby shower celebrations!”

“God’s favor and blessings will follow the baby all the days of his/her life! Happy baby shower celebration.”

“Whether it be a boy or a girl,
I hope it fills up your life with tremendous happiness.”

“Can’t wait to shower the little one with hugs, kisses, and plenty of attention. Better get ready!“

“Welcoming your new baby with wishes of health, joy and plenty of sleep.”

“It’s just a small gift that I’ve brought to you;
But, I have packed it with lots of love and with a heart full of best wishes for you and the unborn baby.
Have a blessed baby shower celebration!“

“You are going to be a fantastic mother. I can’t wait to meet your little blessing.”

“Congratulations on making a miracle! We can’t wait to see the joy you’re bringing into the world.”

“Wishing you a good health through the remainder of your pregnancy, and lots of wishes to you on your delivery day!”

“Lord, you have protected carefully the mom and the baby up to this precious moment,
As we joyfully cheer in hope for the arrival of the baby at present,
We pray that our most awaited expectation will soon come to pass
And that our joy will be finally fulfilled and will soon come in a blast.”

“I know it may be tough not to be able to get drunk for 9 months, but don’t worry because soon you’ll be so sleep-deprived you’ll feel drunk all the time.”


“Hip, hip, hurrah! You both are going to make such great parents.
Sending you happy thoughts on your way as you are prepared to welcome a little someone new to your family. Hope this little miracle will soon make your world much more pleasing and joyful.”

“I hope the stork delivers you a strong, healthy, cheerful, beautiful & cute baby. Congratulations to you and baby shower greetings!”

“We wish you both all the best with the new baby arrival which is not much far away now. Do let us know if you are in need of absolutely anything along the way. Very excited for both of you!”

“In a few months, your son will be the newest member of your family football team!”

“As we all await the arrival of your baby with baited breath,
Know that although becoming a parent can sometimes be challenging, It is also much of a rewarding experience – an experience so beautiful you won’t trade it for anything. Simply put, you haven’t lived if you haven’t been a parent.”

“So blessed you are to have a new bundle of joy in your life;
I wish you all the best for your baby shower!”

“A beautiful cute little girl to play with and adore with,
To spoil her a little and love her a lot, what could one ask for more!”

“Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. I’m glad you have both decided to take that journey. However, do keep in mind that the experience comes all along with you wearing outdated jeans and by watching a load of kids’ movies.”

“Wishing you a hassle free pregnancy, an easy birth and a happy and healthy baby. Baby shower greetings!”

“A precious little boy is on the way. What an exciting time for your family.”

“When you choose a name for your baby, please don’t ever forget the names of the most important people in your life, like mine!”


“Congratulations, guys, and happy baby shower wishes to you. Now, to an important question. Does either of you know how to change diapers? You better be experts at that because I’ll be the first one to make fun of you if I catch either of you struggling to change your little one’s sagging diapers.”

“This is really exciting!!!! But today I promise to shower you and your baby with lots of love and support. Congratulations!”

“Congrats and hats off to you two. Raising a child is the most important job in the world.”


“A mother’s love is like no other.
The smile on your first baby’s face shows that your love is undoubtedly plentiful. May you continue to delight in your children as your family grows.”


For all those who were not sure what to write in a baby shower greeting, hope they have found enough quotes and ideas to wish the couple expecting the baby. Also there are funny baby shower messages that would create a humorous environment during the occasion. One can also search for nice baby boy and baby girl shower card messages. One can even send a baby shower wishing tree to the couple. Messages for mom-to-be can also be found in great numbers to wish her along with the baby. Hope all these warm wishes, words of wisdom and advices from the entire family, friends and relatives shower many blessings on the baby and the mom and help the couple have a normal delivery!

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