Happy Friendship Day 2019:- Quotes, Wishes, Messages For Best Friend

happy friendship day

Different types of friends at different ages opens the door of our hearts, which were not even known by us whether they are our best childhood friend with whom you grew up, or school friends sharing some amazing mid age time or your neighborhood friends with whom you share some great memories or we say partner in crimes or your college friends helping you to get spoiled or your work place friends. While some friends become more than just friends they become our life by becoming our beautiful girlfriend or cute boyfriend. In this path of life, everyone has someone with whom he or she can open up and that one is your best friends or we call them as our best buddy. These outstanding quotes for someone special are not just funny but are also cute, short and inspirational.

We do not share a drop of blood with them, yet we share the closest place in our hearts. The crazy flock of idiots laughing shamelessly on our faces at the most embarrassing moments, yet make us stronger in good hard times. Making you feel horrible by calling you short, ugly or fat yet gets angry when someone else disrespects you. Our parents love and trust them more than us. In short, the group of people which in real life are hard to find and called as “Siblings but from different mothers.” That’s what we call as friends. We’ve gathered the best friend quotes about love and friendship which can also be used as a perfect gesture to send to your close old friend or a new friend.

A true friend is something which is very hard to find and if you are lucky enough to get one, never ever lose them because you don’t get another. Our bestie is like our family that share a massive contribution in our life making us who we are today. Some friends are for life and some are just for time pass. Every year on 1st Sunday of August Happy Friendship Day is celebrated which is whole heartily dedicated to all our friends across the world to celebrate friendship. Never miss a chance to appreciate and thank our friends for their support, love, time, care and most important their valuable friendship. Don’t wait for an opportunity to express your feeling to your Bff, go and tell them with these friendship day quotes and sayings how much you love them on this friendship day 2019!

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