5 Best Compliments To Say Her On Date

Everyone likes compliments, especially women. What girl wouldn’t like a man showing his admiration with her?! If a man is passionate about his loved one, he doesn’t even think about why he should make compliments all the time. He just says that his woman is beautiful, that’s all. How appropriate is it to make your second half compliments? This question is especially relevant for those, who aren’t that keen at saying something pleasant to a woman.

First of all, ladies always expect flattering words from their partners. According to psychologists, the ability to make a compliment boosts a man’s chances with women. Everyone, who has ever been in love, knows about the benefits of compliments. This is how high feelings are manifested – through the ability to see the positive traits of your beloved partner and tell her about them. Even if a woman doesn’t notice her admirer, a compliment certainly won’t leave her indifferent and will help attract her attention. Mastering the skill of making compliments, you become the one who determines whether the relationship with a new girl is going to develop or not. With the help of compliments, you can change topics and turn the conversation in a new direction.

Compliments also serve as a reminder of those qualities that attracted a man to his partner in the first place. Thus, he supports the fire of mutual feelings. Saying a couple of pleasant words, a man automatically protects himself from annoying questions about the shortcomings of his companion’s body or appearance. After all, constantly asking if her hair looks OK or how a new dress fits her, a girl expresses the desire to get what she desperately needs – a compliment.

Compliments To Say Her On Date
Compliments To Say Her On Date

Flattering words can significantly change a girl’s mood for the better. Most men are afraid of women’s tears, but it’s impossible to avoid them when living together. To calm a frustrated girl, you should tell her a compliment. Of course, this won’t solve the problem, but it will distract her from sad thoughts and put a smile on her face. If a woman is confident in herself and her attractiveness, then she’s ready to give love and tenderness in return. A compliment is a great way to support this confidence in a woman.

You can learn a lot about a person, and their system of values when they say compliments. If the admirer says “You look so sexy in this dress” or “I can’t take my eyes off your legs,” he’s one of those, who fall in love through their eyes. To keep such a man interested, a woman must always look attractive. And if he says “You’re making awesome pies,” then for him, it’s important that his partner was the keeper of a home. This is his main request. He’ll be more pleased with a cleaned apartment and three-course dinner than with lace stockings on his girlfriend. So, here are the best compliments a man can say to a girl on a date.

Best Compliments To Say Her On Date

“I want you to be this beautiful forever”
Girls love compliments like this, but it can also say a lot about the man saying these words. He most likely perceives a woman as a resource, and everything she owns and does is for him. For this person, the most important thing is his own desires.

“You’re amazing (clever, sweet, etc.)”
From these words, we can assume that a woman means a lot to the man, and he takes her seriously. At the same time, if there are too many “you’s” in his compliments, this might mean that the man is demanding.

“You’re perfect. I’m happy I finally met you. Now you understand why I’ve been looking for my type of woman for so long”
Be careful with this compliment, as it might make you look like a man, who will try to ‘reshape’ his partner in his own way. If you’re that kind of person, then as soon as your woman shows some “imperfect” qualities, reproaches and criticism may occur, eventually pushing you towards looking for a new partner. But you might never find your perfect match.

“You look perfect. We can so much fun together! I’m so pleased that everyone looks at my girlfriend and envies me”
This one also works great, but usually, for men saying such compliments, it’s pretty important how they look in the eyes of others. An attractive lady by their side just raises their status. So basically, a pretty woman is the same as a luxury car for them.

“It’s so nice that you care about me. You’re so kind”
Sounds sweet, isn’t it? It is, and your girlfriend will like it. But this compliment proves you as a man, who’s used to taking as much as he can from a woman. Praising his partner for kindness and generosity, he says “Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll take even more from you.”

Dating a divorced woman, you can gain the faith and hope for a strong relationship in the future. Such women need special, affectionate, and warm words and compliments.

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