26 Inspirational Advent Quotes Catholic & Bible With Images

“We wish to you, the Happy 2018 Advent…” – Here’s the catholic and bible Advent quotes, inspirational words and short texts for children and adult – suitable for the most beautiful Christmas cards, advent candles images and sincere Advent greetings for the whole family. So get some advent christmas quotes for advent cards and for a contemplative pre-Christmas season! The advent quotes are quotes to remember that special time like Christmas, that previous time that accompanies it in which we all feel, more human, happier, closer to everything we love.  we present you with Biblical verses about Advent, its meaning, and its wonderful message. In many ways, Advent is the preparation and anticipation to celebrate the birth of the child Jesus.

advent candles images
advent candles images

23 Quotes About Advent

1. St. Cyril of Jerusalem: “Therefore shall come from the Heavens, O Lord Jesus Christ. It will come at the end of this world, in its glory, at the last day. It will then be the end of this created world and the beginning of a new world. “

2. The Word: “Watch therefore at all times and pray, that ye may be made worthy to escape all these evils that shall come to pass, and to present you before the Son of Man.” (Lc 21, 36)

3. Saint John Paul II: “Advent keeps alive the expectation of Christ, who will come to visit us with his salvation, fully realizing his Kingdom of justice and peace.”

4. St. Augustine: “Every Christian will be vigilant, so that the coming of the Lord does not surprise him poorly prepared.”

advent quotes
advent quotes

5. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: “As we sing the Psalms together, we elevate our hearts to God, placing us in a spiritual attitude that characterizes this time of grace: the” vigil in prayer “and the” joy in praise “because we know the first”.

6. The Word: “But we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein shall dwell righteousness. Therefore, dear children, waiting for these things, strive to be found by him unblemished and blameless in peace. ” (2 Pr 3, 13-14)

7. Liturgy: “Through his Word, God comes to meet us, sets us in his ways and enriches us with his gifts. Let’s learn from him how to be prepared for his coming. “

8. Catechism (§ 522): “The coming of the Son of God to earth is an event of such immensity that God wanted to prepare it for centuries. Rituals and sacrifices, figures and symbols of the “First Covenant” all converge to Christ; announce it by the mouth of the prophets who succeeded Israel. It awakens, moreover, in the heart of the pagans the dark expectation of this coming. “

9. Saint Cyril of Jerusalem: “We announce the advent of Christ. But not one, but also the second, much more glorious than the first. It was an aspect of suffering; this will bring with it the diadem of the divine kingdom. “

10. Saint John Paul II: “The annual remembrance of the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem renews in the hearts of believers the certainty that God is faithful to his promises.”

11. The Word: “Stretch out your hand over the man whom you have chosen over the man whom you have fortified. And we will no longer depart; keep us alive and then we will praise you. Restore us, Lord, O God of hosts; show us your face and we will be saved. “(Ps 79: 18-20)

12. Saint Cyril of Jerusalem: “Therefore shall come from above the Heavens, our Lord Jesus Christ. It will come at the end of this world, in its glory, at the last day. It will then be the end of this created world and the beginning of a new world. “

13. Liturgy: “O God, may communion in your sacrament give us strength to walk with good works to meet the Savior who comes and deserves the prize of eternal life. Through Christ our Lord. “

14. Saint Augustine: “The final day will surprise poorly prepared whom the last day of his life has found unprepared.”

15. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: “We wait with certain hope for the second coming of Christ, With the celebration of the First Vespers of the First Sunday of Advent we begin a new Liturgical Year.”

16. Daily Liturgy: “The Lord wants to confirm us in fidelity to His Word. It announces to us the divine plan of salvation, with the fulfillment, in Mary, of the promised incarnation of the Savior. “

17. Saint John Paul II: “The mystery of Christmas, which we will revive in a few days, assures us that God is the Immanuel God with us. So we should never feel alone. “

18.  The Catechism (§ 524): “In celebrating each year the Advent liturgy, the Church actualizes this expectation of the Messiah: by communing with the long preparation of the Savior’s first coming, the faithful renew the ardent desire for His Second Coming.”

19.  St. John Paul II: Jesus “shared our pilgrimage on earth, guaranteeing us the attainment of that joy and peace, which we desire from the depths of our being.”

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Happy Advent

20. The Word: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, let your Word be fulfilled in me.” (Lk 1, 38)

21. Daily Liturgy: “Thanks to the yes of Mary, God came to dwell among us in the person of Jesus”.

22. Saint Cyril of Jerusalem: “We do not stop, therefore, to meditate only at the first advent, but we live in the hope of the second. As we acclaim in the first: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord, we will also exclaim in the second. “

23. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: “The Church … is preparing to celebrate Christmas and her gaze is increasingly directed towards Bethlehem”.

24. Saint John Paul II: “The sense of Christian hope, which is reproved by Advent, is that of confident expectation, of laborious availability, and of joyful openness to the encounter with the Lord. In Bethlehem He came to stay with us forever. “

25.The Word: “Days will come,” says the Lord, “that I will bring forth a righteous offshoot from David, who will be king and will rule with wisdom and exercise righteousness and equity on earth. Under his reign shall Judah be saved, and Israel shall live safely. And this is the name by which he shall be called: Yahweh our righteousness! ” (Jer 23: 5-6)

26. Daily Liturgy: “John the Baptist invites us to prepare the ways where the Lord will pass and bring us peace and salvation.”

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