About Us (Julie Hale)

Julie Hale has a Master in Literature, writer, poet, essayist. She is a content consultant, has worked as an SEO writer and copywriting, has been a teacher, promoter of reading, creative writing. She is the author of 6 books including:

  • Experiences
  • On the shores of time
  • With the city in tow
  • The Alchemy of Clocks
  • The Becoming of Days

Her talent and creativity have led her to win awards and recognition’s such as:

  • Major Arts and Letters Contest, literature chapter in 2006
  • With the city in tow (Los Ojos de la Lechuza Publishing Fund, 2008
  • Second place in the Delia Rengifo Award 2012
  • Media Library Prize 2009
  • Finalist in the International Red Owl Poetry Prize.
  • Won the Simón Bolívar International Competition