7 Love Letters Samples & Ideas

7 love letters samples

In this post we bring you the most beautiful love letters that you can share with your partner or friends to express your feelings for them.

Love letters for your wife Short love letters Love letters for your boyfriend Love letters for your friend Love letters for your girlfriend Long love letters Love letters to fall in love.


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  • Love letters for your boyfriend
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  • Love letters for your wife

Love letters for your girlfriend

Although there are millions of women in the world, I am convinced that you are the love of my life and I am very happy to have you by my side, that you allow me to take care of you, love you and hug you.

I can never change you for anyone, not even for a Miss Universe because none of the participants or the winners compare to your beauty. Much less do they compare to your way of being so special, sincere and kind. I love you.

This letter is written by your boyfriend, that is, me, with two reasons: to express my love and thank you.

I start with the first point: I love you, I love you like I have never loved anyone in my life and as I know I will never love again. I love you because you are the best thing I have been through and the time we have been together has shown me.

Having cleared this point, let’s move on to the next one. Thank you my love, thank you for loving me in such an excessive way, thank you for accepting me in your life, and thank you for making me a better person, because that is what your love does to me.

That being said, I can only finish by telling you that I will love you forever.

Love letters to fall in love

I know you may be surprised to receive this letter, and I am sure you will be even more surprised to read its content. I dare to write to you and I beg you please read to the end.

For several months I have been watching you at school, since you entered as the new girl. Just seeing you the first time my heart skipped a beat, started beating faster, and I felt completely new things.

The days began to pass and I found myself looking for ways to observe you, to coincide with you. For example, you remember that day in the gym when we took the ball at the same time, it was no coincidence that I planned everything to see your smile and your eyes up close.

I consulted with my dad to understand my feelings, and he told me that what I feel is love. So I decided to write you this letter, to tell you that I am in love with you and although I do not deserve to be answered, I hope that a miracle will happen and you will.

We have been friends for a long time thanks to our mutual friends, but for you I am feeling things that go beyond a simple friendship. In fact, it doesn’t do me any good to continue treating you the same as the rest, I want to start treating you differently.

Many see it strange that a girl is the one to take the first step, but I do not care what they think, because I think you are feeling the same as me, what do you say? Do we try?

Your face is perfect, with that pair of charming eyes, that mouth that invites to kiss and those freckles that drive me crazy.

Your hair is perfect, long, wavy, jet black and with a coconut smell that every time I feel elsewhere it automatically transfers me to you.

Your body is perfect, your arms are made to measure and your hand I imagine fits perfectly with mine.

Your personality is perfect, you are in a good mood most of the time but you get angry when you do some injustice. All your qualities are in perfect balance.

In short, all of you are perfect for me and in case you haven’t noticed, this is my way of telling you that I’m in love with you and that you bring me like no one else has ever done before.

Long love letters

They say that love is the force that moves the world, and although before it was very difficult for me to understand what they were referring to, now that I have you I understand it perfectly.

The love that you give me and the love that I have for you, impel me to do things better every day, move me to give more of myself to others, because after all that is love, to give without waiting to receive.

For love I am able to do many things, jump walls, run long distances, walk in the rain. Love turns me into anything and that pleases me. Now that I love you I have more desire to live, I awake and I talk about the future.

It was not in my plans to fall in love, I swear, but I could not do anything else and I ended up falling into the networks of love, from which now I do not want to leave.

I did not want to fall in love because love hurts, for love you suffer, for love you cry, but I have discovered that this happens when the feeling is not true. If you choose well you will not have to cry with sadness or anger because your partner will not harm you or betray you.

Now that I am in the networks of your love, I feel safe, happy and full. But above all I am convinced that falling in love with you has been the right thing to do because it is you who has taught me what true love is, so I confidently give myself to you because I know that you will never disappoint me.

Short love letters

For love many things have been done in the world, battles have been fought, songs have been written, books and poems, movies have been recorded, and many other things, because after all it is the most important feeling among all.

Even though I can’t do any of those things for you, if I can tell you that I love you with everything I am and with everything I have, and that I’m willing to give my best to make you happy.

My love, the need to write this letter came to you from the heart to express once again the affection that I have for you, which by now has already become authentic love.

I love you and I think that the number of times I tell you will never be enough, that’s why I immortalize it in these lines so that every time you read it you remember how much I love you.

I am sitting looking at my watch and it marks the same time as every time we see each other, and that is when I met you my time stopped on that April afternoon, amid trees and children on bicycles in the center of the park of our city.

So every time we are together my mind travels to that day and my watch shows the same time, the time I fell madly in love with you and decided that I would love you for the rest of my life.

Love letters for your boyfriend

I am writing to tell you a secret: I already told my parents about you and apparently they do not agree with our relationship, but do you know something? I am ready to fight for you and with you, because you make me truly happy.

Please understand my parents, they have nothing against you, they just want to protect their baby because they don’t accept the idea that I have already grown up. I know that by showing them who you are and especially when they realize how good your company does me, they will end up loving you.

It is difficult not to love you because every day you spend you give me more reasons to hook up with you. Not only do you consent to everything I want, but you even make me take the course, you bring me back to reality, you make me step on the ground when my mind decides to go free and invent a thousand scenarios in which you are not with me.

That is why I know that I can never stop loving you, because your love has become my light, my guide my counselor in the middle of a dark world. I love you.

I had always dreamed of having a boyfriend who would be able to leave everything to be with me, to show me that the most important thing in his life is me. When I met you, I didn’t want to accept that you were that man, because after all, you didn’t have the physique that I was looking for.

But little by little you came into my life, you opened my eyes and taught me that you were the one who didn’t care about anything but me, who didn’t put anyone above me.

Today you are the boy with whom I am happy, with whom I enjoy life, with whom I laugh and cry watching movies, with whom I dance in the middle of the street, you are simply much more than what I was looking for. So I love you and it will always be like this.

Love letters for your friend

They say that friends are the family we choose, and I am convinced that having chosen you here has been one of the best decisions of my life. You’ve stayed by my side through thick and thin, that’s why you’ve definitely earned yourself a place among the most important people in my life.

By always being with me you have shown me the true value of friendship, because friends are not the ones who accompany you to parties or to the movies, friends are, like you, who are on your side when you need them most. Therefore, I will never tire of telling you how much I love you and how much I appreciate that you give me your love.

Dear best friend, today I take a look back and it still seems incredible to me that we have so much time as friends. We have had problems, of course, but we have not allowed them to separate us, on the contrary, we have learned from them and we have used them to make our friendship much stronger.

I have no words to thank you for allowing me to have you by my side, for giving me your friendship, which for me has become a valuable gift. Now I ask life to allow us to continue walking together and be friends forever.

I will try in these lines to write some words that can describe what you mean for my friend of my soul. In the first place you are precisely that, my friend, the one who is with me no matter what happens, the one with whom I laugh, sing, dance and cry.

You are also my sister, because with everything you have given me and you have shown me, you became my family, and we have a relationship as intimate as the one that only forges blood ties.

You are my confident. Since we are friends, stop writing in my diary, it is no longer necessary, because I can tell you everything and I know that my secrets will be kept safe.

You are my psychologist, because every time I have a problem or have to make a difficult decision I go to you for guidance. You are my cloth of tears, because every time life has made me suffer, it is enough for me to call you so that you appear to console me.

All that and many you are, your friend, thank you for being part of my life. I love you.

Love letters for your wife

A man is an incomplete being when he does not have a woman by his side, but not just any woman but a woman like you, although this is contradictory because like you there are no two.

You are unique in everything, you have a wonderful sense of humor, a charming smile, a mischievous look, refreshing lips and arms that hug just when I need it most. For all that and much more I chose you as my wife and I will never regret it.

I thank God very much for giving me the courage to approach you, to conquer you, to fall in love with you and finally make you my wife, because since you are with me I discovered what true happiness is.

I also thank you for accepting me, for loving me, for taking care of our home and for having a wonderful family with me. Today I am convinced that I could not choose a better mother for my children than you. Because you are perfect in all your facets: wife, lover, mother and friend. I love you.

This has been our selection of love letters to dedicate to that ideal person, select the ones you want and express your feelings in the best way.